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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:51 pm 
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Out of the Blue

A/N: This story is written AU. Events from Twilight and Kill Ari, while similar, will not be 100% canon. Please keep that in mind.
Rating: FR18
Pairings: Kabby, McGiva


Waking up with tears on her face, she felt around for the clock to find she’d barely been asleep two hours. Sitting up on the side of the bed, she forced herself to calm down and remember the dream; the stillness of the air, the bright red on Tony’s face, the shock in his eyes. What could it all mean?

Wishing she hadn’t left the office, she quickly got dressed and ran out to her car. It wouldn’t quite be time for the sun to come up by the time she got there, but she knew Gibbs would be up. He wouldn’t have slept, not knowing that Ari was out there. She had to see him, had to see the team and make sure that things were okay. Then she would find a moment and tell Kate about her dream. Kate would understand. She would know what it meant.

But she hadn’t known.


“What? What do you mean I can’t go to the hospital?” Abby could barely control the fear that had been streaking through her body since she heard the news. “You swear to me she’s alive, Gibbs. If you swear, I’ll stay here and wait for the evidence.”

“I swear, Abby.” His voice echoed around her and she spun to see him in the door. Running to him, she threw herself into his arms.

“You’re sure?”


“What happened?”

“Ari happened. We stopped his attack on the families.”

“But that wasn’t his real target was it? He really did want to kill the team.” Abby clenched her teeth so hard her jaw ached. “How could he have fooled the FBI like he did? I thought Fornell was smarter than that!”

Cracking the first smile since the day began, Gibbs told her, “Even he has off days.”

“He should have listened to you in the first place. Ari Haswari would be dead now if they’d let you alone.”

“Tony and Tim should be coming in soon.” Gibbs handed her the Caf-Pow! he brought for her and said, “Wait for them here. I’ll be upstairs.”

Abby stared after him. Something was off, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Sending up prayers for Kate to come through surgery fine, she turned on her music and started getting ready. Hopefully Tony and McGee would bring her enough evidence to bury Ari with.


“It’s not enough evidence Tony,” Abby told him. “None of this ties directly back to Ari and now,” she lowered her voice a bit, “you’re telling me that we have a Mossad agent here to make sure that we don’t kill him because he couldn’t have been the one that shot Kate. That’s just crazy!” Her voice had risen again until she shouted at the end.

Tony wrapped his arms around her but she fought out of the hug. “You know Gibbs won’t rest until Ari’s taken care of Abs.”

“And what about this new director? What do we know about her? How could she trust this Mossad woman when she’s here to protect that terrorist from Gibbs?”

“Apparently they knew each other before she became director.”

“The Mossad woman?”

“And Gibbs.”

Abby stood there staring at Tony wondering which relationship would be the worst.


Kate opened her eyes and blinked to clear her vision. Getting shot hurt and she would correct anyone who said otherwise. It had been bad enough having the one bullet hit her in the vest. Getting shot in the shoulder would have her out for a while. She sighed. At least Gibbs was safe for now. Looking over at the NCIS agents stationed at her room door, she realized she was safe as well. A nurse was carrying a bouquet of flowers past the agents and smiled when she saw Kate was awake.

“Agent Todd, these just came in for you. The agents at the nurse’s station had to check them for suspicious devices, but I rearranged them as best I could.”

“Thank you, Beverly,” Kate told her, remembering the name written on the white board on the wall opposite the foot of her bed. “They’re lovely.”

Beverly took the card out and held it for Kate to read. You so deserve a spa getaway for this one.

Laughing and then wincing at her shoulder, Kate shook her head. Leave it to Abby to have this case wrapped up and a vacation planned already - in her mind at least.

Beverly walked over to the wall and punched in a code, lowering the tray for the keyboard for the computer hidden in the locked compartment. “Since you’re awake, I’ll do your assessment now instead of waiting if that’s all right with you?”

Settling back against the pillows beneath her head and neck, she replied, “That’s fine.”


The Israeli agent clenched her jaw and stared at the older man across from her. Anger would not help this situation in any way. Besides, the other people in the room held enough anger that hers was not needed. “He would not do this,” she insisted.

“What makes you an authority on that?” The one they called DiNozzo asked her. “If he is in deep, as you say, what makes you think he wouldn’t try to kill an NCIS agent just to get in better graces with al Que’da?”

“It’s not what he was sent here to do. He would not kill an agent from an organization such as this.”

The leader, Gibbs, turned his back on her. “Would it surprise you to hear that he planted a bomb under a table at a café near here? His intention was to kill me and if I hadn’t looked, I wouldn’t have been the only one dead.”

“Someone must have been watching, Agent Gibbs. I am telling you that Ari is not here to kill you or any of your agents.”

“Ziva, Agent DiNozzo, could you give Agent Gibbs and I a moment?” Director Shepard requested in a tone that said it was an order not a question.

Ziva nodded her head and stepped out the door ahead of the other agent. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and she quickly descended the steps to speak in private with her caller. She felt Agent DiNozzo pass her and she turned, speaking quietly to the man the people around her were determined to kill.


“It’s quite clear to me that Ari did not do this. You killed the man that tried to kill Director Shepard and all the evidence you found says that he is the one that tried to kill you but wounded Agent Todd on the roof of that building.”

“You looked into us. You researched us for Ari. Why do you think he’s gone from trying to kill me to trying to kill the women around me?” Gibbs circled around and asked, “You found out about my first wife, didn’t you?”

Ziva blinked and replied honestly, “Yes and I am sorry.”

“What if you’re wrong about him, Officer David? What if he’s been playing you along with everyone else?”

“What if you are wrong, Agent Gibbs?”

“Then we won’t have anything to worry about, will we?”


Abby was at the entrance of the hospital, waiting for Tony to wheel Kate out to her. She grinned when she saw them bickering about his “driving skills” and her “inability to relinquish control”. Opening the door, she took the bag from McGee and watched closely as Kate stood from the wheelchair and took the few steps to the car. Once Kate was settled, she went to the driver’s side of the car, threw the bag into the back and winked at Tony.

Pulling out of the parking lot of the hospital, Abby was thankful that today was such a great day. Ari Haswari would never hurt another member of their team again, the Israeli agent had left to take his body back home for burial, and Kate was going to make a full recovery. Her follow-up appointments had been set and she already had her first physical therapy session scheduled. She’d be coming back to work in a couple of weeks doing desk duty. Until then, she was all Abby’s to pamper and spoil.

Abby took a quick peak at her when she stopped at the red light. Kate had her eyes closed and her head was resting against the back of the seat. She looked more relaxed than she had while she’d been in the hospital. Taking off when the light turned green, Abby didn’t doubt that just being out of the hospital had to be more relaxing than the last few days, but being home in her own bed would be a huge improvement. She just hoped that Kate would like the way she had set things up.


McGee looked at Tony and then back at Officer David. Gibbs could not have authorized this. He couldn’t even have known about this. What was he going to do when he found out? Or perhaps the better question was who would bear the brunt of his anger? Ducking his head, he saw that he wouldn’t have long to wonder.

The moment the doors slid closed behind the pair, Tony turned to McGee. “How long do you think it will take Gibbs to send her packing?”

“He’s Gibbs, Tony, if he doesn’t want her here, she won’t be on the elevator when the doors open.”

Looking thoughtful for a moment, Tony sat down in his chair. “I suppose you’re right probie. We just have to wait for those two gleaming doors to slide open.”

McGee shook his head. Unsure which outcome he was hoping for, he was glad that Kate and Abby were finally getting their spa time and weren’t here to see the results first-hand.


Sighing into the headrest where she was getting a massage, Abby wondered what on earth couldn’t wait until the end of the week. She’d left Gibbs with a very competent, if somewhat dull and definitely non-Abby, lab tech. Hearing her phone buzz again, signaling that it was a text message coming in, she held up her hand.

“Could you hand me that phone please?” she asked the therapist working on her back.

“Ignore it Abby. Just turn your phone off. That’s one reason we came here remember? To escape from work while Gibbs was in a mood to agree to it.” Kate said from the next table, her tone of voice relaying how relaxed she was from her modified massage. “Even with my shoulder at less than 100%, this has to be the best feeling thing on earth.”

Abby’s head popped up and she stared at Kate with a smile on her face. “The best feeling thing? Are you sure about that?”

“Abby!” Kate felt her face flame against the towel and heard Abby’s laughter. It didn’t bother Abby in the least that they were seeing each other – and in ways that would shock DiNozzo. It did still cause Kate to have moments of doubts and she wasn’t as up-front about it to everyone like Abby was. Of course, Abby wasn’t that up-front with it. She hadn’t made herself tell Gibbs yet. Things had really progressed slowly for the two of them, for which Kate was grateful. It gave her time to adjust in little steps.

She never thought she’d be attracted to another woman, ever, and then she’d met Abby. Just thinking about how well they’d clicked as friends first, she admitted she shouldn’t have been surprised when things turned this way. Abby definitely had gotten her attention with that very first kiss. They’d gone out for drinks after catching Pacci’s killer, the she-man that Tony kissed. Kate still liked to tease him about it, just to see his reaction and the slight green color he turned when he remembered. It was still fun, yes, but she wasn’t as quick to bring it up anymore.

They had decided after two drinks to finish the night at Kate’s place, and of course the conversation just headed straight for Tony.

”I can’t figure out if you tease him because you like him or because you just like to see him squirm.”

“Oh, to see him squirm, definitely. Why do you like to tease him?”

Abby cocked her head to the side for a moment and then said, “Because he’s like my brother, only I’ve never wanted to put him through the physical things I put my brother through.”

Kate smiled. “Yep, I know what you mean.”

“You’re going to give him hell for kissing this man who would have been a woman, aren’t you?”

“Of course! He would do it to me if the tables had been turned.”

“Not if he didn’t know about it,” Abby said under her breath.

“What was that?” Kate asked, turning from pouring another glass of wine for them both.

“I said that you would have followed orders.”

Kate’s eyes narrowed. “Are you sure that is what you said?”

“Of course I’m sure!” Abby declared then decided to evade more questions by throwing suspicion on the alcohol. “Have I really helped you drink a bottle of wine?”

“A bottle? What are you …” Kate upended the bottle in the air and not a drop fell from the empty bottle. “Wow that went quick.”

Abby nodded. “Too quick.”

Kate giggled and slapped her hand over her mouth. “I think I’m sleepy.” She stood up and wobbled before getting her balance. Plopping back down on the couch, she told Abby, “Maybe I’ll sleep in here with you.”

Abby handed her a blanket from the stack in the basket beside her. “Be your guest.” She waited until Kate was comfortable on the couch before crawling over to her and touching her hand. Kate’s eyes opened and Abby said, “In the interest of fairness, I have to do this.”

Her head lowered and her lips pressed against Kate’s. Startled, Kate tried to ask what Abby thought she was doing. That gave Abby the opportunity to taste Kate and the moment before Kate started responding, she realized exactly what Abby was doing. She was showing her how good it could be to kiss someone who knew exactly what a woman wants.

Between that first kiss and the second had been months of waiting and tip-toeing around the subject. Once they’d given in to the attraction they felt for each other, they found it deepened their bond as friends just as much as it did to their being lovers. Kate smiled into the headrest of the massage table as the warm rocks were placed on her spine. Tony would die if he knew just how close she and Abby were; friends, lovers, and in many subtle ways, partners already.


She kept wondering how he had managed to get so far in his career. Men like him did not last long where she came from. She had researched the entire team before Ari was sent in of course, but that did not prepare her for how different this team was from any she had been a part of in Mossad. These were real people, not just words and pictures. She had been taught to look at the black and white of things, ignoring all other factors, to find those that were threats and ignore those who were not. But these people…these people were investigators, not spies, and none of them had seen the things she had seen in her life, with the possible exception of Gibbs.

She knew now that she had been placed on this team without anyone’s prior knowledge. So far the men seemed to tolerate her presence. How long would that last? She knew there would be an adjustment period for all of them and that it might get harder once Caitlin Todd returned. She did not know how that would go over with either Agent Todd, whom she had never met, or Abby Sciuto, the forensic scientist who had continually given her the cold shoulder when they were working to catch Ari and she had been working to protect him.

Her eyes found him again, sitting at his desk, fingers on his keyboard. The same fingers that had helped wipe dirt from her face outside of the bank earlier in the day, before they’d been drenched. She would have to keep an eye on him. He was not like the others and she could not deny the part of her that wanted to keep him safe so that she could know him better, understand him more and figure out how and why he came to be here.


Looking up at the sound of the doors, Ducky saw a dejected young man walking towards him. “Timothy, are you all right?”

Barely raising his head, he shook it. “Abby couldn’t tell if my bullet was the one that killed …”

Ducky waited for him to continue, and when he didn’t, replied, “You believed there was a threat in that alleyway, Timothy, and there was. If Abigail cannot tell you which bullet killed him, then we’ll never know for sure. I can tell you this, you’re a good agent and you were doing your job.”

“And he was a good cop doing his job.”

“I can’t tell you not to feel bad over this Timothy, but you have to accept what happened and try to move on.”

“How does she do it, Ducky?”

Surprised by this change in conversation, Ducky asked, “Who do you mean?”

“Ziva. She’s probably killed more people than I ever will and she acts as though none of it touches her.”

Shaking his head and turning out the lights in most of room, Ducky told him, “It probably touches her more than you’ll ever know.” He put his hat on and draped his coat over his arm. “As to how she acts that way, you’ll have to ask her.”


Without understanding all that drove her to this spot, she stood at his door and knocked. From the other side she could hear a chair slide before his voice said, “Tony, I don’t really think clubbing two nights in a row is going to help me, okay?”

He didn’t open the door, and she knocked again.

“Tony, seriously…” McGee said as he pulled the door open. She saw the surprise register on his face as his mouth tried to say her name. Taking the opportunity, she stepped into his apartment, standing silently inside.

“Ziva, what are you doing here?” he finally asked.

She saw the bottle on his writing desk and answered with a question of her own. “McGee, are you drinking by yourself?” She walked further into the apartment and noted that this was a nearly full bottle of bourbon. It would have reassured her that he was not intending to drink his memories away if she didn’t see the empty bottle in the trash.

When he didn’t respond, she turned. He closed the door and sighed. “I was intending to, yes.” He took a few steps towards her and the bottle and stopped. “I messed up big, Ziva.”

“You did not mess up, McGee! Will you stop talking like that! You responded to a dangerous situation and your reaction was justifiable.”

“That doesn’t make it right. He was a good cop.”

Nodding, she told her, “Perhaps, yes, but that does not make you any less of a good agent, McGee.”

That angered him, she could tell. He marched up to her and stared straight into her eyes. “I couldn’t even pull my gun today, Ziva. I nearly got both Gibbs and myself killed because I was remembering the innocent man that I probably killed in that alley!”

“And yet, you are both all right.”

Snorting, he stalked away from her. “Because Gibbs could pull his weapon even after being knocked down! I stood there, hesitating, knowing that we were going to be shot, and I couldn’t move! Gibbs told me that if it happened again, he’s going to take my badge.”

“If it happens again, he should.” Ziva agreed, then tried to reassure him when she saw the hurt look his eyes couldn’t hide. “It will not happen again, McGee.”

“You can’t guarantee that any more that any more than I can, Ziva.”

Slowing moving closer to him, she admitted, “No, I cannot. I can only tell you that you will have to learn to put this away for a later time and that you will come to see that it is not always the bad guys that get hurt. And it is not always the bad guys that hurt the innocent. Things like this happen. I can also tell you that it is just as likely that his partner’s bullet is the one that killed him. You cannot let this eat at you McGee. If you do, not only will you lose your job, you will lose yourself.” Wrapping her arms around him, trapping his arms under hers, she told him, “And I do not want to see that happen.”


There was a strange energy in the squad room that morning. McGee didn’t know what caused it until he noticed the coffee cup on Kate’s desk. That’s when he recognized it for what it was – tension. Ziva was at her desk near him, head down, working on a report. Tony was playing Minesweeper, acting as if he didn’t notice anything, when in truth, he noticed it all. Gibbs was nowhere to be seen. That could mean one of two things. He was in the Director’s office or he was in Abby’s lab. McGee closed his eyes, and then pinched the bridge of his nose, as he wondered which temper would explode first. This was going to be the start of a long week.


“Are you sure you should be back today?” Abby asked Kate, wondering if she was okay with the arrangements that had been made. She’d be on desk duty for a while, no field work while she continued to recuperate.

Kate nodded, distracted by something, which only made Abby worry more. This was more than Kate on too much caffeine. She couldn’t help if she didn’t know what was going on.

“Kate, sit down and try to relax.” When that didn’t get the results she wanted, Abby marched over and pulled her back to her desk. “I have to get things started around here and I can’t do that if I’m jumpy because you can’t be still. What’s going on?”

Kate stopped and stared at her. “I don’t think I can do this, Abby.”

“Do what, Kate?”

“This!” She gestured to Abby, then herself and then around the office.

A combination of pain and panic exploded in Abby’s chest. Surely she couldn’t mean what it sounded like. Could she? Abby turned to walk away, intent on turning on Major Mass Spec and failing. “What do you mean by ‘this’, Kate?”

“Oh Abby!” Kate rounded the table separating them and made her turn to face her. “I wasn’t talking about you! Not that way! It’s just that …”

Abby stared silently; wanting Kate to tell her what was going on already.

“It’s just that these past few weeks, I’ve had you to myself and have been able to touch you and kiss you whenever I wanted to. Now I’m back at work and I have to restrain myself. I may not be ready for that.”

Abby grinned, relieved that she was only worried about PDA. “Who says you have to down here? I can hook up cameras and alarms to let me know when people are coming in. You can pop down to see me and touch me all you want then.”

Kate blushed, a pretty rose color fanning over her cheeks. “It wouldn’t be too much trouble?” Seeing the look that Abby gave her, Kate laughed. “Not for you, right?”

“Right. Now give me a quick kiss before you head back upstairs.”

Inching closer, Kate whispered, “Only to make up for worrying you so.”

Abby leaned down to meet her but she let Kate set the tone of the kiss. Not wanting to embarrass her if they were caught, Abby tried to hold back some. Kate’s lips pressed against Abby’s. Seemingly sensing Abby’s caution, she lightly brushed her tongue over the other woman’s closed lips. Happy when she parted them, Kate initiated a proper “forgive me” kiss. Abby’s hands rose to hold her face gently and her own hands wrapped around Abby’s waist, pulling her closer. Breaking apart for a moment for a breath, Abby kissed a small trail to Kate’s ear, gently nibbling at the lobe holding the tiny gold studs that she’d given her a few months ago. Kate moaned quietly and bit Abby’s neck, leaving a small mark behind.

Abby smiled against Kate’s ear and opened her eyes. She yelped and jumped back before Kate could make another mark on her. “Gibbs! How long have you been standing there?”

Gibbs stared at the pair until Kate turned to look at him. “That long, huh?” Abby asked.

He held a folder up in the air for a moment and then placed it on the table. “Work, ladies.” Turning to walk out, he added, “You may want to clean up first.” Hearing them scurry to Abby’s mirror and their whispers to each other, he smiled and headed for the stairs.


With the searches running on his computer, McGee's mind slid back to the previous week. Ziva showing up at his apartment had been a shock. At first he wasn't sure if Ducky had spoken with her about his questions. Her hugging him had driven that thought out of his head, and now he couldn't help but wonder.

The beep from his computer told him his search was finished and he pulled his thoughts back to their case. Reporting his results to Gibbs, the team stood and grabbed their gear. McGee followed closely behind Ziva, making the decision to find out what that visit was about when they closed the case.


Ziva stepped out of her shower and heard a knock on her door. Not expecting visitors, she was instantly on her guard. Barely taking time to wrap her towel around her, she grabbed her gun, checked the chamber and switched off the safety.

The knock sounded again and she padded across the floor on silent feet. Stepping to the side, she held her gun ready and pulled the door open.

“McGee!” Ziva aimed her gun away from the stunned man and switched the safety back on. Seeing neighbors standing in their doors, she stepped back and said, “Get in here.”

He stayed frozen on the spot and she grabbed his jacket, pulling him into the apartment and shutting the door. “What are you doing here McGee?”

He blinked and swallowed hard, his eyes traveling up and down her body and stopping back at the knot in her towel. Just as she felt it start to slip, she was in his arms. “Tim! What are you doing?”

“You’re towel was slipping.”

Ziva looked up at him and rolled her eyes. “If you had left it alone, I would have fixed that, McGee.”

“Oh, right.” He stepped back and the towel fell completely.

Her immediate reaction was to bend down for the towel to cover herself. As she stood to wrap it around her, she became aware of how he was looking at her. Standing there staring at her was not an agent that had doubts about his competency, but a man who wanted the woman he was looking at. Not expecting this reaction from him this soon, Ziva dropped the towel, forgetting about it as she stepped closer to him. She pulled him down to her by tugging on his shirtfront, but she didn’t have to persuade him to kiss her. As soon as his lips touched hers, he took her in his arms, holding her close, taking the control she gave and leaving her dazed.

This kiss was a mixture of desire and honesty, different from any other kiss she had ever received. His hands cupped her bare bottom before easing down to her thighs and lifting her slightly. She wrapped her legs around his waist.

He broke the kiss and, in a rough voice, asked, “Ziva?”

With a firm and sure, “Yes,” she brought her lips back to his. He knew his way around her apartment since helping her settle in a few months back. Carrying her easily to her bedroom, he let her down long enough to pull off his jacket. She recalled the gun, put it on the nightstand and helped him unbutton his shirt. She was surprised again when all he let her remove was his shirt. He pulled her to him, skin-to-skin, and she gasped at the contact.

He held her firmly; bending his head to capture her lips and Ziva moved her hands to run from his back to his chest. Finding spots that made him moan, she smiled and kissed his neck gently before biting the skin that stretched across his collarbone. He shook his head and groaned. “Ziva…”

Once again she found herself picked up and then she felt the smooth comforter under her. McGee stood back up, quickly ridding himself of the last of his clothes before joining her on the bed.


Christmas carols were playing throughout the squad room. Ducky and Gibbs were talking, quietly enjoying the antics of the team. They had watched Kate and Abby sneak down to the lab where they wouldn’t be disturbed from their private celebration of eggnog and mistletoe. Tony was doing his best to pick on McGee, trying to get a reaction out of him by asking how he was going to spend the holiday since he didn’t have a woman.

McGee looked around the room, ignoring Tony in his search for Ziva. Spotting her, he left Tony standing, bewildered and alone. Ziva smiled as McGee approached and he pointed up. She was under another sprig of mistletoe, still hung by Abby but in a place guaranteed to have everyone stopping by it instead of the one in her lab. Ziva’s smile turned mischievous as she pulled McGee down into a heated kiss that looked like it scorched Tony where he stood.

Gibbs laughed quietly, enjoying the look on his senior agent’s face. Ducky turned away so that his chuckle wouldn’t be quite so obvious. When they could speak again, Ducky asked, “What about Rule # 12 Jethro?”

Slapping Ducky easily on the back, Gibbs answered, “I think they went with # 18 here, Duck.”

The End

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