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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:53 pm 
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This Christmas

Rating: FR 7
Pairing: Tiva
Genre: Fluff


Walking down the street, Tony absently noted the lights and decorations proclaiming that it was Christmas. He was not in the mood to celebrate any holiday, let alone one that supposedly brought "peace on earth, goodwill toward men" with it. Sure, he'd bought the obligatory gifts for his friends at work. Abby had been thrilled with the wrist cuff he'd given her. McGee had frowned then laughed at the book of movie quotes. He'd seen Gibbs lightly trace the engraved Marine insignia on the flask he'd found wrapped on his desk. Ducky and Palmer had both seemed pleased with the gift cards to the restaurants he'd heard them talking about lately. And Ziva, well, Ziva was harder to buy for. The new beanie, scarf and gloves made her smile, but her heart wasn't in it. He knew that she didn't celebrate Christmas the same way the others did, but he had found it impossible to not buy something for her while he was shopping.

And that was why he was in no mood to celebrate. Why did it matter if she would like a gift or not? Why would he have spent so much more time trying to find the perfect gift for her, when he knew the instant he saw the other items that they would be perfect for their recipients? Why couldn't Abby's smile and excitement be enough? Why did he want Ziva to react like that, just once?

He was starting to fear that he knew the answer when a glint of silver caught the Christmas lights, shining at him from a store window less than twenty feet away. Pushing aside thoughts that would lead him nowhere, he stepped into the store. After a small talk with the sales clerk, and a quick swipe of his card, he stepped back out onto the sidewalk smiling to himself. Maybe the day wasn't so bad after all.


Ziva sipped her coffee and looked around at the stores. She had secretly bought gifts for everyone on the team, everyone but Tony. She didn’t know what to get him. It had to be perfect, something that he’d like but it had to convey the right meaning. Something that said “you’re my friend and team mate” not “you’re the man I love.”

Sighing, she admitted that she was having a hard time with this gift. She didn’t want to scare him with whatever it was, but she wanted to show him that she cared, that he was special to her. Giving in and heading for the one shop she didn’t want to go in, she dropped her coffee in the trash. She’d passed by the door to this place twice today and read the “NO FOOD, NO DRINKS” sign each time.

Thirty minutes and a lot of TV trivia later, she walked back out again, holding a small bag with something that she hoped Tony would like. She would take it to him tomorrow, on Christmas Eve. That would also give her time to bake something for Ducky and his mother to enjoy this Christmas.


“Twas the night before Christmas,” Tony muttered and stuck the last piece of tape on the corner of the box. He grinned at his handy work. Ziva would think he couldn’t wrap a present if his life depended on it. He just hoped she wouldn’t mind going through four boxes to get to the professionally wrapped box in the center. Taking the big box of the table and placing it beside the door, he went to get ready. He was going to take the present to her tonight.

He refused to think the thoughts that drove him out searching for the perfect gift the day before. Ziva was a friend and a team mate and he cared for her as such. There was nothing more to it. There couldn’t be. Tony pulled his jacket on, grabbed his keys and picked up the box. Balancing it on the table, he opened the door to see Ziva standing there about to knock. He couldn’t help it, he grinned and said, “Hello, Ziva,” in his best Connery impersonation.

Ziva smiled at him and motioned to the box. “Going out?”

“Yes, actually, I was coming to see you. I have another present for you.”

“That’s for me?” She looked at the big box and back up at him. “Well, I brought you something as well, but it is not that big.” She held up the gift box, wrapped in silver paper with green and red ribbon curling around it.

Tony laughed. “Looks like you wrap presents better than I do. Come on in.” He lifted the box up, pretending that it was heavy and grunted, “Shut the door behind you, will ya?’

When he heard the door shut, he checked to make sure she had followed him back in. Satisfied that she wouldn’t leave until she found out what was in the box he carried, he turned back and walked to the living room. Carefully, still pretending it was heavy, he bent down to put the box on the floor. With a flourish, he gestured for her to come over and claim her gift. “This one’s for you.”

“Tony, you did already get me a gift.”

He nodded. “Yep, but it wasn’t the right gift and this one is.”

Ziva stared at him for a moment and then handed him his present. “I hope you like it.”

He took his gift from her and waited. When she didn’t start to open her present, he told her, “You first.”

“If you want,” she replied and tore the paper off the big box. Undoing the tape and opening the flaps, she looked and saw only crumpled newspaper. Easing her hand down into the box, she stopped when she felt another box. Ziva pulled that smaller box out and repeated the opening procedure. This box was stuffed with crumpled wrapping paper and she lifted another smaller box out of it. Glancing at Tony while she pulled the paper off this box, she opened it to find packing peanuts. Frowning now, she scattered them, dumping some into the biggest box to find yet another smaller box inside. She opened that box and shook her head at the tiny box covered in wrapping paper and surrounded by bubble wrap. “Tony…”

“Just open it, Ziva,” was his only reply. He was nervous now that she was at the actual present. He hoped that she would like it as much as he thought she would. Shifting his weight, he crossed his fingers under his own gift box and waited for her reaction.


Ziva pulled the paper off, careful with this box because it looked like someone knew what they were doing when they wrapped it. She didn’t recognize the name on the box but she knew from the shape that it was some sort of jewelry. She took the top of the box off and saw a beautiful silver bracelet nestled inside on a bed of satin. “Tony,” she murmured, “this is absolutely gorgeous.”

She lightly ran her fingers over the Stars of David that encircled the bracelet. Blinking, she picked up the bracelet and held it out to him. “Help me put it on?”


Her smile answered his and she saw his eyes light up. “Of course,” he said and put his box on the couch to help her with the bracelet. Once it was around her wrist, she leaned over and picked his gift back up. “Now yours.”

She was grinning was he tore into the wrapping paper like a child. The puzzled expression on his face when he saw the store name on the box made her wish for a camera. He quickly took the top off and stopped dead still when he saw the ring.

“No way!” He blinked and looked up and her then back down to the box. “Ziva, do you know what this is?”

Looking at him as if he was silly, she told him, “Of course I do. It’s a sterling silver replica of the Cross of Lorraine ring…”

“From Magnum, P.I.! It’s a sterling silver replica of Magnum’s ring! Of course, the ring on the show was gold, but this is amazing!” He took it out of the box and slid it onto the ring finger of his right hand. “It’s a perfect fit! How did you know what size to get?”


“We did go undercover as a married couple Tony. I rarely forget details.” Ziva couldn’t help it, she laughed at his enthusiasm for such a small thing. When he grabbed her for a hug, she wrapped her arms around him. Squeezing him tight, she kissed his neck and felt him stiffen.

He pulled back from her and asked, “What was that for?”

“It was to say ‘Merry Christmas’, what else would it be for?”

Tony shook his head. “No, that didn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’, Ziva, this says ‘Merry Christmas’.” He tugged her to him and kissed her properly. When he raised his head, he was smiling at her. “There was also a little “Happy Hanukkah’ in there as well.”


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