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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:19 pm 
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Name: Jen
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Title: Lazy Days
Characters: Abby and Ziva with mentions of the team
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Femmeslash (implied)
Rating: FR15 (to be safe)
Pairing: Zabby teaser with Ziva/Jenny and Ziva/Michael allusions and memories
Summary: Can a week with Abby help Ziva start healing after her rescue?
Word Count: 2,540
Spoilers: For character info through Season 8

Abby stepped off the elevator and walked towards the empty desks. When she reached Ziva’s, she dropped the brochure on her keyboard. She’d been talking about doing this for several days now with Ziva resisting at every turn. This time she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She was perched on the edge of the desk when Tony, Ziva, and McGee came in.

“Uh oh,” Tony said, “looks like someone still has ideas in her head.” He grinned at Abby as he put his gun and badge away.

McGee was silent but smiling as he did the same at his desk. Abby had spoken to both men about her idea and they thought it would be good for Ziva – not that they would tell her what they thought. They left it to Abby to convince her to go.

“Abby, I told you, I do not have time to go away for a few days. The Director has just cleared me to start working again.” Ziva placed her bag on the floor by her desk, sweeping the brochure into the recycle bin without looking at it.

“I know. Why do you think I talked to Leon first thing this morning? He agrees that you should have a few more days before coming back full time and he’s signed off on it. So all that’s left to do is pack your bag and we’ll be off. The tickets are waiting at the airport and the beach house is being prepared as we speak.”

Gibbs came down the stairs from the Director’s office, coffee in hand. “Ziva, what are you still doing here?”

Ziva stood back up. “Gibbs, I cannot leave when I have just returned.”

“Director’s orders. Disobey him on this and you’ll be on desk duty for months.”

Ziva looked around at her team and knew that she could not say no. They had risked their lives to rescue her and if this was all they would ask of her then she would do it. Grabbing her bag, she stepped out from behind her desk. “All right, Abby.”

Abby bounced and hooked her arm through Ziva’s. “You’re going to love this place. The resort is gorgeous! They have all these spa options to choose from. You’ll see. It’s going to be fantastic.”

The elevator doors closed on Abby’s excited chatter and the three men left standing nodded at each other. As Tony sat down, he wrinkled his forehead and asked, “Did Abby really book a beach resort?”


Ziva stared out at the ocean behind the beach house she and Abby would stay in for the week. The waves rolled gently onto the sand and back out again. The sound of the water soothed nerves that had frayed so many months ago. Abby was busy unpacking and she did not want to ruin the rhythm the other woman was in. Moving out onto the white sand, her bare feet registered the difference in texture of this versus the sand in the desert where she had been held. Shaking those thoughts away, she continued down to the water and stood, the waves rolling over her feet surprising her with their coolness. Taking a few steps back, she sat on the sand, toes stretched out to feel the water. Abby was right. This was a very nice place to be. She stayed there, letting the water tickle her feet until Abby asked her if she was ready to eat. Silently she walked back to Abby, brushing the sand from her pants. They moved through the house and out to their rental car. A nice restaurant had been recommended when they were at the airport and Abby called and made reservations.


The next few days passed peacefully. Ziva spent hours in the ocean, taking time to get in one good run a day and some sun time as well. Abby would spend time in the house, taking advantage of the Wi-Fi connection and keeping in touch with all her online friends. She would wander out and join Ziva when she was soaking in the sun – covered shoulders to ankles in a sheath and keeping completely in the shade of an umbrella while lounging on a chaise. Ziva smiled at the fact that Abby attracted as many admirers as she, and sometimes more. She would chat lively with anyone who approached while Ziva kept to herself, murmuring a quiet “Thank you,” if she was complimented. Today, Abby was picking apart a new crime novel, muttering about mistakes the fictional police were making when Ziva decided to speak.

“There was never a time I doubted my father.”

Abby stilled and put the book down. She seemed to sense that questioning Ziva would make her withdraw back into her own mind.

“He has his beliefs and I was proud of him. I loved him, worshipped him like most children do their fathers. He taught me many things when I was young. I knew he was training me to be a fighter, someone like him; I was not blind to that fact. But when my mother left and took us with her, I missed him. I decided that to be the best daughter in his eyes meant doing whatever was necessary to become a Mossad operative.”

“That’s why you didn’t wait to be recruited,” Abby commented softly and Ziva nodded.

“His attitude was different after that, at least to my thinking. Really he was grooming me. Us. I never had reason to doubt him until I heard Ari talking to Gibbs. He sent me there. He assigned me to Ari knowing that if there was a problem, I would have to take care of it. And that is what I did. I could not look at my father the same after that.”

Ziva paused and turned over on her back. Sitting up, she told Abby, “I think I’ll swim a little more.”

Feeling Abby’s concern until she was past the point of waves breaking, she turned and swam parallel to the shore, needing the exercise, letting the burn of the effort affirm that she survived and was still alive.

Abby wiped the tear from her cheek and blinked back the ones still building in her eyes. Ziva didn’t need her tears, not yet. Closing the book she barely paid attention to, she stood and made her way back to the house. Tonight they would dine in and she needed to start on dinner if she wanted to be ready for Ziva’s return.


Their evenings had been light and casual up to now. Ziva felt turmoil twisting inside her, knotting her stomach even though her face never betrayed her. She should not have opened her mouth earlier. She had not meant to let Abby see the person she was hiding from everyone - the one she kept hidden for most of her adult life - the one she had nearly shown the entire team before Jenny died. Now that she had spoken, the rest tried to tumble from her lips so much that by the end of dinner, she was wound extra tight. She cleared the dishes from the table and scraped and rinsed them before stepping outside. There was a patio stretching across the back of the house but that wasn’t far enough away. She ended up at the edge of the waves again, watching the water roll in and reflect the moon. The breeze shifted and she could smell Abby’s perfume as she walked down to the water. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled slowly, releasing some of the tension that tightened her shoulders.

“You, in person, were not entirely what I expected. I knew your history. I knew as much about you that a person can observe and record. It was the little things that took me by surprise. You’re open dislike of me; challenging me just as Gibbs but in a different way. After Ari…” Ziva swallowed and turned to glance at Abby. Looking back at the water, she continued, “After Ari, I did not want to be Mossad. I did not want to be my father’s daughter. I wanted escape and Jenny provided that for me. She saved me once more. Then you happened.”

Abby laughed. “Was that a bad thing?”

“No, it was a good thing - is a good thing. You are like no one I have ever known and you accept me. You push me to be better, to care more and you step back when you see it is enough.” Turning to face Abby, she said, “Jenny and I clicked, I suppose you would say, because we were women in a world of men, doing the same job, the same hours, the same danger. We faced it all. Jenny did not let that make her less of a woman and she taught me that lesson. She was a very important part of my life for such a short time.”

Abby watched Ziva look out at the ocean as if she were seeing a scene from the past. With a slight smile, Ziva told her, “You have shown me how important it is to be yourself Abby. I thought it a lesson well taught until Director Vance terminated the liaison position. When I returned to Israel, I had to put away a part of myself that I was coming to accept. It was not proper. It was not what was expected of me. Michael was what was expected of me. We became partners, at work and behind closed doors. I lied to myself, thinking I was happy with him. Gibbs brought me back to NCIS through the Director and I was happy to be free of Mossad again – free of Michael except for occasional contact. And then he came to D.C. and all hell broke loose.”

“You blamed Tony for Rivkin’s death.” Abby said quietly.

“Bah!” Ziva exclaimed. “Tony was a scape sheep! I knew it then and I still could not stop myself from being angry with him. My father - with all his decisions - was slowly eliminating every man I cared about from my life. I felt safe in my anger and I let it drive me away from all of you. And I fooled myself thinking you would all be much safer if I was not around.”

“Ziva…” Abby tried to interrupt, but Ziva shook her head.

“It was silly, I know. And sillier still to blame Tony for a situation he had no control over. Do you know, when I was captured, I knew I would die. I knew no one would come for me. My father could not – would not – make a case to save me. And above everyone in my life, I hated not being able to tell you goodbye.”

With a quick movement, Ziva swiped at a tear before it could fall off her chin. She had to move, had to do something while she explained this and so she hooked arms with Abby and started off down the beach. “I made my peace with it, knowing I would not see any of you again and then Tony and McGee were there - beaten, bloody and so beautiful to see. I thought they were alone and I could not let them die. Tony…” Ziva shook her head again, smiling this time. “Tony on a truth serum would make you laugh Abby. He was wisecracking his way out of death, being such a smartass that it saved him from being killed. And then Saleem was dead. Gibbs still has what it takes to get the job done.”

Abby nudged Ziva. “I had no doubts they would get you out.”

Ziva nodded. “That is what gets me every time. You have faith in everyone, believe the best of people.”

Abby denied it with a decisive shake of her head. “I have faith in my team – in Gibbs, Tony, McGee and you. And I only believe the best of people when they deserve it.”

They shared a smile and then jerked when they heard a shout. Ziva swept Abby to the ground and searched the area for danger, but all she saw was a big dog loping toward them down the beach. He sniffed the women as they laughed and sat up. He was about to lick Abby when his owner called out, “Anubis, come!”

The dog spun around and ran back to his owner. The man clipped a leash onto his collar and jogged over to them as Ziva and Abby got up from the sand. “I’m sorry! We’re usually the only ones out here at this time and I let him run loose some nights.”

“No harm was done.” Ziva replied.

“No worries,” Abby added. “May I?” She stretched her hand out as the man nodded. Letting Anubis sniff her hand once more, she rubbed him behind his ears. “You’re such a good doggy! Good boy!” Anubis barked and licked Abby’s hand. With a final pat, she said to Ziva, “I think we should head back, don’t you?”

Ziva agreed and they bid the man and his dog goodnight. They could hear Anubis barking as they walked back to the house. Once inside and locked up for the night, Ziva took Abby’s hands and pulled her into a hug. “I missed you most of all, Abby.” Pulling back, she kissed Abby’s cheek and left her dazed in the dining room.


Ziva was packing her toiletries in her travel bag. The week had turned out to be just what she needed after all. She would have to listen to Abby more often on these types of things. Abby stuck her head in the door and tilted it to the side.

“Ziva?” Abby asked.

Distracted, double-checking the items in her bag, Ziva murmured, “Yes?”

“What did you mean when you said that Michael was expected of you? And that what you hid wasn’t proper?”

Ziva’s head rose slowly and she met Abby’s gaze in the mirror. For a long moment, she didn’t say a word. Abby was about to drop the subject when she replied, “My father would approve of a relationship with Michael. He would even approve of a relationship with Tony if he had to deal with it. What he couldn’t approve of – what he wouldn’t deal with – would be me having feelings for a woman. And that was what I hid.”

Abby blinked. Ziva raised her hand and cupped Abby’s cheek. “You make me feel like a good person, Abby. I was ready to die before Tony and McGee showed up because a life without you in it was not a life I wanted and I thought I could never have that life.” Moving slowly, watching every blink and eye flutter, Ziva got closer to Abby and kissed her cheek. “Knowing you are in my life is enough for me today.” She gently moved Abby aside and retrieved her suitcase from her room.

In silence, they made their way to the rental car and drove to the airport to return the car and board the plane. Buckled in, waiting for the plane to taxi down the runway, Abby asked softly, “What if it isn’t enough for me today?”

The End

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