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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:01 pm 
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Title: Goddess of Gab
Name: Barbara
Gender: Female
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A Walk in the Park
by iheartGibbs
Gen, Team + Fornell, Humor/Case File(ish)
The investigation of a case brings the team to an old mansion with several hidden passages and even more secrets. Will anyone make it out alive?
Loosely inspired by the movie CLUE. Written for the 2014 White Elephant Exchange for Rogue Tomato.

Chapter One

“He’s a ghost,” Tony muttered, as they walked up to the front entrance of Park Manor.

“Don’t say ghost,” Ellie whispered, allowing Tim to take the lead.

“Does Abby have you spooked?” Tim asked, grinning at Ellie. “There's nowhere else he could be,” he continued in explanation. “Either the old man is lying, or Colin is hiding right under his nose.”

“Or the old man has a split personality, and part of him is innocent and the other part is hiding his nephew,” Tony proposed.

“This isn’t a soap opera, Tony,” Ellie said skeptically.

“So, you believe the idea of ghosts more realistic?” Tim questioned. He turned his head around to smirk at Ellie and noticed the oddest expression on Tony’s face. Tony was smiling broadly, almost as if he were both exultant and scheming at the same time. “Tony…?”

“I was just thinking how much fun this case would have been with Ziva. She was so afraid of ghosts,” Tony explained, taking no care to hide the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

“There are no ghosts in this house!” Tim exploded as they approached the door. Both Tony and Ellie snapped their heads back at Tim’s overreaction. Seeing their surprise, he rolled his eyes. “I do miss Ziva, though.”

Tim rang the doorbell, not expecting a response. When they had interviewed the elder Mr. Parks earlier that week, it had taken quite a bit of persuasion to get him to receive them. To his surprise, the door immediately opened.

A man fully costumed as a classic butler escorted them inside.

“Welcome to Park Manor. I’m Geeves, the butler.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Tony exclaimed, his mouth agape.

“Tony,” Tim admonished under his breath. He reached inside his pocket to retrieve the warrant paperwork. “We have a warrant to…”

“Yes, to search the premises for Master Park. He’s in the drawing room. You may join the others.”

“Others?” Ellie questioned.

“NCIS Special Agent Gibbs and FBI Agent Fornell are waiting for you to join them. If you’d follow me, please.”

The others looked at each other, not sure what to make of the situation.

“I guess that explains why Gibbs didn’t answer the phone,” Tim muttered.

“Yeah, Mr. Park explained before that there’s no cell phone signal in the house or on the grounds. Strange,” Tony agreed.

NCIS and the FBI had been in pursuit of the suspect of a joint investigation: the murder of a young girl who was the daughter of a Navy officer whose wife was a CSI asset. Said pursuit had led them to an old mansion, which had seen many uses over the past two hundred years. It had, of course, originally been a private home. It had been used as a hospital during the Civil War, had been converted to a funeral home in the early twentieth century, had been further converted into a reportedly haunted bed and breakfast sometime in the 1970s, and then had eventually been sold to a private owner about fifteen years ago. The eccentric older man, Alvin Park, who had purchased the house, had become a sort of hermit, shutting himself inside.

When the investigation turned up clues that pointed toward the old man’s nephew, Colin Park, Gibbs’ team had begun researching the entire family. Finding the house of particular interest, the team had spun theories ranging from ghosts to King-inspired ideas of murderous old men suffering from cabin fever.

DiNozzo and McGee had questioned the elder Mr. Park, but he claimed to have no knowledge of either his nephew’s whereabouts or his recent activity. The team had found evidence that supported the theory of Colin’s guilt, acquired the proper warrants, and all that was left was to find and apprehend the man.

Then, in a surprising turn of events, they came to search the house only to find the subject of their manhunt waiting to see them. Almost as if he had summoned them, or invited them to a dinner party of some sort. Geeves led them into the drawing room, where the others were waiting expectantly. At least some of the others were. Gibbs and Fornell looked uncertain as to why they were there. Tony, Tim and Ellie took seats and tried to avoid Gibbs’ glare.

“Ah, I see everyone has arrived,” Colin Park said, coming to stand in front of the room. “Honored guests, we will now get to the reason I have brought you here.”

Eyebrows rose and faces scowled.

“I know, you don’t believe I brought you here, but your investigation led you to me because I wished it to, therefore…I brought you here,” he continued. “I did not murder young Miss Cassie, but I know who did. I could not allow such a person to get away with the crime, so I devised a method of tipping the investigation in the correct direction. The true culprit is in this very room.”

The announcement ended in stunned silence as everyone looked from face to face, sizing one another up.

“We have Agent Gibbs of NCIS; his team: Agents DiNozzo, McGee and Bishop; Agent Fornell of the FBI; my uncle, Alvin; his servants: Geeves, the butler, Missy, the maid and Mrs. Falcor, the cook; and myself, of course. But we know I’m innocent.”

Gibbs cocked an eyebrow. “I wouldn't say that.”

“Patience, Agent Gibbs,” Colin continued. “I’m getting there.”

“We don’t need patience; we have a warrant for your arrest,” Fornell interjected.

“Yes, but what fun would that be? Hear me out. If after I finish telling you my story you still believe me to be guilty, I’ll go with you willingly.”

“Continue,” Gibbs allowed, but his tone was somewhat threatening.

“As I was saying…”

Colin Park was interrupted as someone screamed and the lights went out, leaving them all in the dark.

(To Be Continued...)


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 6:21 pm 
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Title: Goddess of Gab
Name: Barbara
Gender: Female
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Chapter Two

Mass commotion ensued, as people starting tripping over one another to find the lights. Gibbs grabbed his phone and flipped it open, the light showing those near him the disapproving look on his face.

“Good idea, boss,” Tim said as he retrieved his iPhone and turned on the flashlight.

“Where’s the maid?” Ellie asked. “What’s her name, again?”

“Missy,” Tony answered with an appreciative grin.

“Figures you would remember,” Ellie shook her head.

“I’m an investigator, Ellie. It’s all in here,” Tony tapped a finger against his temple.

“How about we move this ‘investigation’?” Gibbs suggested, bringing his team to join the others, who were gathered in the kitchen, staring down at the maid’s prone form.

“No pulse,” Fornell confirmed. “It appears she’s been stabbed with a kitchen knife.”

“Is this what you had in mind, Mr. Park,” Gibbs asked, accusingly.

“It wasn’t me!” he insisted. “You were all looking at me when she screamed.”

“So who else was missing from the room at the time?” Tim asked.

“All the NCIS agents were sitting,” Ellie stated. “And FBI,” she added, when Fornell cleared his throat. “The others were standing behind us.”

“So there’s no way of knowing who else had left the room,” Tony answered.

“Do you have surveillance cameras?” Gibbs asked.

“Only on the exterior of the property,” the elder Mr. Parks answered.

“Where’d the butler go?” Tim asked, looking around.

“The butler did it!” Tony shouted. “I’ve always wanted to say that.”

“The cook is also unaccounted for,” Fornell said.

“Can we keep everyone in one room, please?” Gibbs asked. He shook his head in frustration.

“Once we find the others, of course,” Tim said. “Right, boss?”

Gibbs sighed. “We do need to make sure everyone is okay. We split up. Tim; Ellie; you take Colin with you. Search the bottom floor. Tony; take Alvin and check the basement. Fornell and I will search upstairs.”

“There are many passages,” Alvin warned.

“Is there a map?" Gibbs asked.

“Of course not,” Colin answered, “but my uncle and I know most of them.”

“Meet back here in twenty minutes, whether you find anything or not,” Gibbs instructed. “Let’s move.”


“Could you bring yourself to move about a millimeter to the right, at least?” Fornell snarked, as he applied pressure to Gibbs’ back.

“Come on, Tobias,” Gibbs muttered in protest, “make a hole. You’re taking up more than half the space.”

“I may be bigger than you, Jethro, but you’re taller. And you took the front. Which means I can’t breathe.”

“Suck it up, Tobias, we’ll be out soon, I’m hope.”

“Suck it up? That’s the point: I can’t. There is no air to suck.”

“Figurative,” Gibbs muttered in explanation.

“Yeah, I know. Not a moron.”

“You sure?” Gibbs asked. “I realize your brain is oxygen deprived.”

“I’ll show you oxygen deprived in a minute,” Fornell grumbled, nearly unintelligibly.

Gibbs smirked, though the FBI agent stuck with him couldn't see his face…or maybe because Agent Fornell couldn't see his face.

“This was your idea, Tobias,” Gibbs reminded him.

“My idea?! I suggested the elevator.”

“This is an elevator. Sort of,” Gibbs reminded him. “And we were supposed to go one at a time.”

“You didn't say that,” Fornell protested. “I misunderstood. Besides, we were in a hurry chasing that…thing. And you didn't want to take the stairs.”

“Stairs were too far.” Gibbs said. “But surely you knew we couldn't squeeze two grown men into a dumbwaiter.”


“And then through here,” Alvin said as he led Tony through yet another passage.

“I thought the passages would be in the main house, not the basement. This is crazy!” Tony said, more than a little excited.

“There’s an entire network of tunnels under the house, leading to various ways off the grounds,” Alvin explained.

“So there’s no way of knowing if someone else came into the house while we were here?” Tony asked, a foreboding chill causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end.

“Not really, although those who were here are the only people familiar with the tunnels,” the old man said, dismissing any concern.

“Are you sure?” Tony asked. This wasn’t good. He needed to update Gibbs, and quickly.


As Colin, Tim and Ellie completed their search of the main floor, Ellie froze in her tracks. The others stopped and stared.

“Why are we doing this?” she asked.

“Because we have a murderer to catch, and two missing staff members?” Tim suggested.

“No,” Ellie continued. “We have Colin Park with us, and he already knows who’s responsible. Why are we running around like rejects from a cheesy movie when he could just tell us who we’re after?”

Tim and Ellie stared at Colin, who shrugged.

“Knowing who and why, but not catching them before they exit the premises would do no good, would it?” he proposed.

“I suppose not,” Ellie said, “but I wish you’d go ahead and shed some light on what’s going on around here.

The two made their way back to the main hall to meet up with the others. Tony and Alvin emerged from the lower stair door mere seconds after they arrived. Gibbs and Fornell were nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s Gibbs?” Tony asked. “He wouldn’t miss the rendezvous time.”


A guttural yell resounded from what seemed to be the drawing room. Everyone, except for the two agents who found themselves in a compromising position, raced back to find the butler, Geeves, sitting in a leather chair, his head lolling to one side. An overturned lamp lay on the floor next to him, the cord having been wrapped around the man’s neck. He was dead.

(To Be Continued...)


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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:37 pm 
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Title: Goddess of Gab
Name: Barbara
Gender: Female
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Chapter Three

“Can’t you just call him?” Ellie asked.

“No signal, remember,” Tim reminded her.

“I am not sure splitting up is such a good idea,” Tony said.

“You think?” Tim answered, in his best Gibbs voice.

“The five of us to go together to see if we can find them,” Ellie said.

“This way,” Colin said, as he led the others up the stairs. Tony took the rear, making certain no one disappeared from their quintet.

Halfway up the stairway, they heard a muffled voice, which appeared to be coming from inside the wall to their right.

“In here, DiNozzo!”

It was Gibbs’ voice.

“That’s them!” Tim said.

“Thanks, Captain McObvious,” Tony said. He turned to Alvin. “What’s inside this wall? Any passages?”

“Just the dumbwaiter,” he said.


The rest of the team tried as hard as they possibly could not to laugh as they helped their boss and Agent Fornell out of their predicament. Fornell collapsed on the floor, his arms sprawled as he sucked in air.

“I’m not sure my legs work anymore,” Fornell complained. “Such an uncomfortable position.”

“How on earth did you manage to fit not one man, but two in that thing?” Colin asked, incredulous.

“Ask him,” Gibbs grumbled, motioning toward Fornell.

“Always a critic,” Fornell replied.

“Boss, there’s been another murder,” Tim informed them.

“Why didn’t you say so?” Gibbs asked, as they rushed back down the stairs to the drawing room.

It was vacant.


Not only had the body been moved, but the lamp was sitting back on the table as if it had never been used.

“So, where is he?” Gibbs asked.

“He was right…” Ellie pointed, her mouth hanging open, “…right there. I swear.”

“Is the maid’s body still in the kitchen?” Fornell asked.

The entire party moved to said room, to also find it clean as a whistle, with no sign of the maid. The kitchen knife had been cleaned and put back in the butcher’s block.

“He was dead, wasn’t he?” Gibbs asked Fornell.

“He didn’t have a pulse!” Fornell replied.

“We need to find the cook before she disappears, too,” Tony said.

“Oh, I’m sure there’s no need for that,” Alvin said, getting everyone’s attention. “It’s nearly time for dinner. She’s never been late before.”

“But the kitchen is empty,” Ellie said, confused. “If she were fixing to serve dinner, wouldn’t she be here preparing the food?”

“Not if she’s the one who’s been going around killing everyone,” Tim said.

“But if that were the case, why would she bother coming to dinner?” Tony asked.
“We can’t assume she was the murderer just because she is missing. Alvin showed me several tunnels that can take you to and from the grounds without being seen. Anyone could be in here,” he continued.

“Or she could be guilty or working with someone, and have already left by way of one of those tunnels,” Ellie speculated.

“Or should could have walked right out the front door when we were all searching the house,” Tim added.

“Hush,” Gibbs said. Though his voice wasn’t raised, everyone instantly obeyed. “Let’s go back to the drawing room and let Colin pick up where he left off.”

All eyes turned toward the younger Mr. Park. They made their way to the drawing room, and each took seats where they could be seen by everyone in the room.

“As I was saying,” Colin said, “I wanted you to come here so I could show you what was really going on.”

Gibbs came to stand next to the younger man. “Colin Park, you are under arrest for the murder of Cassie Graves.”

“But, you haven’t heard me out yet,” Colin complained.

“I don’t need to hear you out.”

The door to the hall opened. Geeves, Missy and Mrs. Falcor stepped into the room. Colin gasped. Alvin stood to his feet.

“I discovered that you were hiding out here,” Alvin explained to his nephew. “I questioned the staff, and learned that you were eliciting their help to hide. I called Agents Gibbs and Fornell, we put out heads together and came up with this little dramatization to make you think someone was coming after you.”

“We took the information Alvin gave us and found the paper trail connecting you to Cassie’s mother,” Gibbs explained.

“She was blackmailing you,” Fornell said, standing to join Gibbs as he placed handcuffs on the man’s wrists. “You threatened to hurt Cassie if she didn’t back off. She didn’t.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Colin protested. “Why would I be here if I were responsible for her death?

“Glutton for punishment?” Gibbs asked.

“No,” Colin said. “I mean, yes,” he continued. “Yes, I was being blackmailed. And I threatened Cassie, but I didn’t mean to actually do anything! What you don’t know, is that Mrs. Falcor is Cassie’s grandmother. When she found out I had threatened Cassie’s safety, she arranged to have her picked up to protect her from me. I honestly have no idea what happened from that point.”

Tim and Tony both turned to block Mrs. Falcor from making another hasty exit.

“The little brat was not my granddaughter! Her mother was sleeping around with another man. My John isn’t her father. She’s been nothing but trouble since the day she was born. I heard about Mr. Park’s threat, and decided it would make good camouflage,” she confessed, her face an evil grimace. “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”

Ellie looked at Tim who raised an eyebrow. Tim looked at Tony, who sent Gibbs and Fornell a suspicious look.


Gibbs woke with a start, rubbed his fists into his weary eyes and sighed. This was the last time he let himself fall asleep during movie night with DiNozzo. Clue and Private Eyes in one night was stretching the limits of his imagination. He needed coffee.

He rose and went into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee brewing. He shook his head and spoke to himself, “I still don’t know how we got in that dumbwaiter.”



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