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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:20 am 
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Title: Self-Proclaimed Faithite
Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
2. Gen - Character focused -- Tim, Stan and/or Kate, serious but with a happy ending
Prompt: "The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away

Summary: With Stan getting married... He has a choice to make about being Agent Afloat. Also Tim has come to a bit of a crossroad himself. Will decisions be made?
Rated 13 for mild swearing


“Let’s get out of the rain,” Stan was the first to offer the suggestion. They had been killing time around DC until he and McGee met up with Tony at a local haunt.

“Don’t think there’s much open,” McGee looked around. Due to the overcast weather, it had gotten dark earlier than usual. And that accompanied with the ever increasing rain, the area they were in felt almost deserted.

“There,” Stan tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a spot over the road.

“A Roadhouse? Doesn’t even look like one,” McGee responded. He wasn’t complaining since they were able to get out of the rain that was beginning to dampen their clothes.

“Just a name probably,” Stan shrugged his shoulders as they entered the Charle’s Roadhouse Bar.

The inside looked very much like the outside of the bar. Very quiet.

“Welcome…” They were warmly greeted by a middle-aged man tending the bar. “Can I get you two something?”

“I think a beer,” Stan answered.

McGee nodded. “Strange name for a bar. I mean, it’s not a roadhouse,” he commented. Hearing about Stan’s adventures aboard the Kennedy, and there were many of them, was beginning to wear a little thin.

“Hear that almost every time someone new comes in. Charles Roads is my name and my associate thought it’d be funny to call it the Charles’ Roadhouse,” Charles laughed politely as he put the drinks down in front of them.

“Thanks,” Stan said as he swivelled on the barstool to look for a better place to sit.

“There looks good,” McGee pointed to a booth in a corner. The two quickly walked over to the quiet corner that would be out of the way from any incoming or outgoing traffic. A moment of awkward silence followed as they made themselves comfortable sitting across from each other.

“Tony tells me you’re getting married,” McGee was the first one to speak.

“Yeah,” Stan slid the picture of Patricia his fiancée over for McGee to look at. He never intended to act like Trish was a soon to be trophy wife but enjoyed showing her off at times.

“So does that mean you’re abandoning you Agent Afloat career?” McGee asked.

Stan put the photograph back into his wallet. Of the times he had called NCIS HQ in for help, McGee had never come aboard, instead was back at the yard acting as a go between.

“How about you? Heard your father had passed,” Stan treaded somewhat carefully. Any conversation was better than drinking in silence.

“Gee. Tony’s got bad at gossiping,” McGee acknowledged the query without committing to a response.

Stan laughed. “He’s his own walking, talking scuttlebutt,” he added. Truth be told he was thinking of leaving or staying. Tough choice. Considering he took to being an agent afloat like a duck to water. It sure wasn’t a cushy desk job and you have a chance to get personal and learn more about human nature.

“Yeah,” McGee only smiled. “Too bad we can’t have a glimpse of the outcome. But I guess like any other choices. Choose and then live with it.”

“Make your bed and lie in it,” Stan interjected with his own analogy.


And Now

Stan stood in front of the mirror staring at the nervous looking reflection. He re-adjusted his tie, still not entirely happy with it. It was still surprising that Trish had agreed to a service type ceremony on the flight deck. She understood that being an agent afloat was more than just a career now.

“Ready?” Jake, his best man and one of the few people aboard he could actually consider friend.

Stan nodded before walking beside his best man almost tripping over several knee-knockers on the way up. Going to the makeshift alter seemed to alter the whole ship. Fortunately, he had someone to follow.

Trish wanted a big wedding and this was as big as it could get. Her parents and sister even had been given clearance to attend. Though that wasn’t a problem since Stan had organised that himself.


Being unaccustomed to such spotlight from so many onlookers, Stan shifted his feet nervously. Even some uninvited guests that had nothing going on had found vantage points to see the “Cop” getting married. He adjusted the headset hanging over his ears.

There was some noise as the elevator rose from the Hanger Deck to the flight deck. Slowly revealing the bride in a sweetheart neckline ball gown. The sun glistened off the champagne coloured fabric which the flower pattern on the right side of the stomach and waist became more apparent as she walked down the aisle. Even though the aisle was just a gap in between two groups of random people facing each other.

Stan had fallen into a trance, captivated by her beauty which was enhanced by her dress. Never before he had thought of people as objects but Trish was his as he was hers. He smiled as he knew that they were going to announce their commitment. And also they had discussed his staying as Agent Afloat and everything was falling into place.

A gust of wind tickled the hairs on his neck just before picking up. Unfortunately he was still smiling when, Trish’s dress was blown upwards a’ la Marilyn Monroe for only a moment revealing her “something blue” panties. The people in immediate view did their best to show that they hadn’t noticed.

“It wasn’t funny,” Trish said to Stan as someone was attaching microphones to their clothes. She had to yell so that she could be heard.

“Honestly, darl. I wasn’t laughing at YOUR PANTIES!” Both of their faces turned a bright red. The cheeks heated up more when some laughter could be heard. The onlookers were polite enough to compose themselves.


They had gone through their vows flawlessly. Promising to love and cherish each other till the very end of not only their lives but time its self. Stan had rehearsed every single syllable. He knew when to take a breath, when to pause and even the need to prevent being too choked up.

And the delivery echoed the effort he had put in it.

“If anyone has any objection to why these two shouldn’t be married under the eyes of God… Speak now or forever hold your peace…” The priest said.

There wasn’t a long enough pause to create the infamous awkward silence. As if the actual carrier found a voice, the alert siren sounded. Peoples’ first reaction was to look to the skies but there was nothing but the occasional cloud. The screeching sound was suddenly cut short.

The priest cleared his throat.

“If anyone here has any objection why this…” Again the priest’s words were cut short by the siren blaring over everything. Again he had to wait ‘til the noise was cut short.

There was the sound of someone clearing their throat over the speakers. “Uh… Excuse me. Seem to be suffering technical difficulties… Ah, the problem’s… Problem’s been rectified,” obviously the person doing the talking sounded uncomfortable speaking over the radio.

The Priest began talking again.

“It’s definitely been rectified,” the voice stated once again. And again they began the official closing of the wedding ceremony. Something that almost took half an hour to complete due to interruptions was over in a couple of minutes.


Stan was busy admiring the decoration that was predominantly a brown colour. The colour which closely matched the brown shirts he wore while on duty as Agent Afloat.


He looked up to see his former boss standing there with his SFA Tony and Bishop.

“Boss,” Stan shook his hand before leaning over the table. “Thanks for coming. With you here. Feels less scary when I know I’ve some allies around me,” he quickly scanned the room when he accepted more congratulatory handshakes.

“Where’s McGee,” the young agent was notably absent.

“You’re behind the times, Stan,” Tony said. He shifted his feet uncomfortably. “He left some time ago… To… To pursue a career in the private sector,” he concluded after thinking of the right words.

“Right. Hi Ducky. Abby,” Stan greeted the other friends.

“An interesting ceremony,” Abby stated as innocently as she could. “Unforgettable for sure,” she leaned over the table while standing on one foot. Trish turned her head away in an attempt to laugh at the antics.

“It could have been worse but not the most smooth ceremony but I have seen worse,” Tony added as Stan shook Bishop’s hand tentatively. He didn’t really know her but accepted that Team Gibbs came as a total package.

“Having the ceremony on board the carrier… I wasn’t thinking it’d go smoothly. But it went off quite smoothly besides the… Ow,” Stan jumped a little as he felt Trish’s shoe kick his calf.

Someone coughed loudly and tapped a champagne glass with a spoon. Everybody in the mess stopped talking so they could listen to what would be the first speech of the night.

The tall man stood in the middle of everything and occasionally turned on the spot as he spoke so he could speak to them all. Suddenly, the chatter was silenced as the XO began to speak. He placed his cap on the closest table before clearing his throat.

“You know I was filled with trepidation when I was approached by Agent Burley here to hold the wedding aboard my ship. She’s a great ship, but a romantic vessel she is not. And I think I can safely speak on everyone’s behalf when I say we were all damn shocked as hell. But many say… Like the light khaki shirts he wears everyday, whether on duty or offshore, we wish the Naval Policeman would just lighten the hell up. After meeting his on-shore colleagues, Agent Gibbs, DiNozzo and Bishop… No surprise that he’s wound up as tight as he is. On the other hand, at least he’s decent and deserves a little happiness. Congrats, Agent Burley and Patricia Burley,” The XO concluded his speech just before giving a wink to the Agent Afloat.

Stan sighed. There were some things that may have appeared to be true but in reality was just professionalism. If he had to separate himself from everyone else then so be it.

“Thank you,” Stan raised his glass before leaning to his side to kiss Trish on the cheek. A quick flash went off near his face as the photographer he’d forgotten about was randomly taking photos.

It wasn’t long until Stan and Trish were invited up to take their first official dance. If he had been concentrating around him instead of ignoring the surroundings by concentrating on the hazel eyes of his bride and not stuffing up his dance steps, he would’ve seen the three random crew members manoeuvring around the onlookers.

“How ‘bout a snapshot?” he heard a voice say.

“Well…” Stan turned around to face the voices.

Before Stan had a chance to react, three flashes went off close to his eyes causing temporary blindness with painful stinging.

“Shit,” Stan held his hands to his eyes.

“You okay? I didn’t expect that. Could never work the flash on these damn things,” the younger woman responded checking the flash. The other two had quickly disbanded.

“Well its sure a memorable day,” Trish said with only a tinge of humour in her tone. It was marred with one catastrophe after another but it was coming to an end. One day it might make a great anecdote for any children.



Stan had spent most of the last month or so counting down to his next shore leave. The last one was so filling and perhaps one of the best few days of their married life. What they said about absence making the heart grow fonder knew what they were talking about.

“Come to the CommRoom ASAP.”

The guy didn’t give Stan a chance to ask any questions since he was already going to the CommRoom. He jogged to catch up with the guy. When he approached the usually noisy room, it was a shock to find it so silent.

“What’s going on?” Stan asked.

“Weird Stuff, Agent Burley. We were receiving a message from NCIS DC about possible hack on a Carrier and battleship. They were in the midst of trying to get a message to you about going to see a Computer Development Company called GameCorp International,” The CommOfficer stated as he turned the dial back and forth. No sound was emitted from the radio and no picture appeared on the screen.

“That’s in Maryland… I’m sure of it,” Stan stated. Sometimes it was hard to keep up to date with everything that was going on in his hometown. But the computer and game simulation company was etched into the CBD’s structure.

“I think they said you’d know it. They want you to head there and find out about this hacking thing. Our security has pin-pointed it coming from that area,” they relayed the gist of the message to Stan.

“Organize a flight out,” Stan responded as he turned to exit. “ASAP.” The quicker he’d be able to get to Maryland, the better chance he could surprise Trish with a visit and a nice dinner perhaps and then go from there.


GameCorp ITL
Bethesda CBD

Some days it felt as if he was just running from one meeting to another for McGee. Originally he got into GameCorp to develop and test simulation games. Since landing an account with a couple of defence companies as well as Traffic Schools, the Director… Director Samuel Dean… It took him some time to not refer to Samuel as Vance… Put him in charge of customer and consumer relations.

Something that was boring but he had no choice which sounded familiar.

“Any idea where my 1400… Mean 2 o’clock is? He asked his secretary through the intercom. The clock read almost 2 30. Time was important.

“No word as of yet… Wait… I think he’s here,” she told him.

“Send him in,” McGee removed the glasses that he used to read small print and waited for the doors to open.

“I am here,” Stan told him.

“Stan?” McGee was surprised. He only just recognized the agent afloat. Instead of the clean shaven figure he remembered, Stan now sported more than a 5 o’clock shadow and the blue eyes were clearly bloodshot.

“McGee…” He was unsure what to call the man sitting at the table. Stan was beyond caring whether he was insulting or not. “This sure makes my job a lot simpler. We’ve been tracing people hacking some navy ships. Since lately, you’ve gotten navy contracts for developing Naval Combat simulations and the fact that using a program that you popularised at NCIS… Have traced to this building. Well we know that you have the skills to do this hack,” Stan said as he stood back up.

“Now wait a minute…” McGee kept seated. “If you think that I’m stupid enough…”

“Stupid… No. Cocky… Yes,” Stan responded as he placed the cuffs on the desk in front of him.

“I may have the skills…”

“Well then if it’s not you. Someone under you. You’re going to tell me who…” Stan demanded the answer. Any boss should know their employees intimately.

“Due to the sensitivity of our work each prospective employee is heavily scrutinized. If you are asking me if anyone is able to hack… Anyone who works here are highly skilled but highly unlikely… Since…”

“Since the pay is good,” Stan finished the sentence. Though as well known in the investigative world, money wasn’t the only motive for crime. As time went further on his impatience grew. McGee wasn’t just a geeky computer guy but an ex-seasoned investigator. The usual intimidation tactics wouldn’t work.

“I can give you information on staff if you would like,” McGee stated. NCIS could deal with sifting through all the probabilities and possibilities. He waited for Stan Burley to respond.

Stan mulled it over in his head as he thought about how to respond. His eyebrows furrowed with each possible outcome. None of the ideas were getting anywhere. Only one option remained… Hall his ass to NCIS HQ and interrogate him until he confesses.

McGee took the silence as a yes. So he stood up to go toward the employee filing cabinet being thankful there weren’t a lot of employees that worked for GameCorp. The second after his back was turned, he felt his hands being pulled behind his back before being spun around until he was now leaning over his desk. Fighting this action was quickly dismissed as he felt the cold steel of the handcuffs being clipped tightly.

“You have the right to remain silent… Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?” Stan kept his forearm in McGee’s back to keep him from regaining balance.

“What? Wait,” McGee asked.

“Do you understand?!” Stan shouted.

“Yes… But.”

“Oh I know how damn flippant you are with your hacking skills. I know you have hacked into governmental departments before. You can’t deny it. This time… You’re not getting away with it. I’m interested in why… But why doesn’t matter. You’re coming with me either on your own feet or I’ll drag you,” Stan told him as he straightened up and allowed McGee to stand straight as well.

“Quietly,” McGee nodded since he didn’t want to antagonize the situation further. Going through the three story building felt like he was being paraded and to his horror was being filmed by someone holding a cell-phone.

“Move it,” Stan stated as he gave the cell-phone a curt nod and slight smile.



Before his flight back to continue being Agent Afloat, Stan was called into the NCIS Office in front of his former Boss, Agent Gibbs and NCIS Director Vance. It wasn’t any surprise to see McGee sitting on the chair, leaving one free. He sat down when Vance motioned for him to.

For this, Stan did a rough shave since he was going to the Director’s office.

“Your professionalism in handling the case was unacceptable, Agent Burley,” Director Vance began the dressing down. “A lot can happen in a couple of days. While Tim McGee has been in custody… GameCorp had conducted it’s on surveillance and Cassandra Collins has been taken into custody,” Vance said.

Stan shrugged a little. It wasn’t the first time he’d made a mistake and it sure as hell wouldn’t be the last.

“If he wants an apology,” Stan gave McGee a sideways glance.

“Enough… We already given an apology for your behaviour. I suggest you take an extended vacation and seriously pull yourself together,” Vance stated.

“I know that I’ve been off… But,” Stan began to defend himself. Agent Afloat was the only thing he had going right now.

Gibbs had remained silent by now. “You’ve been off since you found your wife in bed with your friend,” he stated.

“Now?” Stan sighed angrily. He hadn’t realized his personal issues was so well known. But that’s what he got for surprising her.

“If you take time off… No disciplinary action will be taken. Since even though, Tim McGee lost his job since footage of you parading him through the building and outside, he has decided not to pursue further action. It is truly surprising especially after your interrogation of him,” Vance told him.

“I suppose I should thank him… Fine,” Stan hissed as he stood up.

“Where you going?” Vance asked Stan began leaving the office.

Stan shook his head. “Starting my vacation, Sir,” he responded before leaving.

McGee went to stand as well since the matter had now been resolved. He should’ve pursued further but since leaving NCIS has been more interested in protecting some people. Jobless or not.

“If that is all, Director Vance,” McGee said.

“Well Cassandra Collins had given her reasoning. She wanted a more real simulation,” Vance responded and held his hand up showing that he hadn’t quite finished with him yet.

“Guess Cass should’ve played a nice game of chess,” McGee answered.

“You know, McGee. I said this when you left and I’ll say it again and Agent Gibbs is in agreement that your old job is still open if you want it,” Vance continued.

McGee didn’t even have to think of a response. His attitude like NCIS hadn’t changed since he left.

“You know I used to write. But working here had killed inspiration, it’s my obligation to never again allow this to happen as it goes with us and Stan our choices are endless. I don’t think I will return,” McGee stated.

“What will you do, McGee,” Gibbs showed rarely seen concern.

“Like any writer I guess. Become a recluse and pump out novels doing something I enjoy. Goodbye,” McGee said, ending any further conversation.


My soul is adrift in oceans of madness… Repairing the rift that you have created. I am not alone, brothers, give me your arms now.

McGee looked at Stan as they had finished talking and laughed at the song playing on the jukebox. “I’m Alive” seemed to echo their conversation perfectly.

“It could be as bad as that,” McGee stated as he finished the beer. “Do you think staying aboard after getting married could end like that turning you into a bitter Gibbs-like agent,” he looked at him.

“And you getting stuck in a dead end job which promised lots and not being able to defend himself?” Stan thought about the bleak future that they had painted. “I won’t sacrifice my happiness. I won’t make the greatest sacrifice,” he added echoing what the song just had been saying.

“You can’t predict where the outcome lies. You know… I do enjoy working at NCIS. I like it better than the prospect of just sitting at some office desk job,” McGee responded as they went to pay the bartender. He was feeling in a better place than when he entered since his mind was definitely made up.


Comments can go here since this is a one shot. Not sure if I should apologize or not. But this is how prompt 2 spoke to me. Hope yous enjoy

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Well, I have to admit that I was a little flabbergasted at first, thinking what has he done to my favorite characters?!, but I like the idea of predicting the worst possible outcome and then coming back to where you started and realizing how much you love what you have. :yes: I think that's what the writers were trying to do with the 200th episode, but yours worked better, in my opinion. ;D

Thanks for the story!

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Click for the story!

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Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah everything was based on the worst possible outcome.

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oh Taylor that was good I did enjoy it, it was perfect from my angle.

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sig by McMhuirich thank you

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I really enjoyed it Taylor. I didn't see the twist until the end...I'm glad you didn't leave Tim and Stan in NCIS Purgatory :lol2:

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