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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:11 pm 
Autopsy Gremlin

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Title: A young, blonde, British weirdo :)
Name: Toni
Aliases: Purple-Muse (on
Gender: Female
Title:Three Little Letters
Summary: Having finally been released from prison following the events of 'Frame Up,' Charles Sterling has only one thing on his mind: revenge
Genre:Drama, angst, crime.
Rating: FR-15
Spoilers: None, unless you haven't seen 'Frame-Up' yet.
Note: Written for Vanessa for the 2014 WEE. In the end I chose prompt #3: Someone (a current "girlfriend", an ex-girlfriend, a suspect, a psychotic stranger out of the blue) is stalking/threatening Tony and is willing to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get to him.

This story isn't compete yet as I have been having family issues, but I will be updating as often as I can.

I hope you enjoy this first - albeit short - chapter.

Chapter One

Wearing a pair cotton gloves the hands deftly cut around the letters of the old magazine he had collected. 'A's, 'B's, and 'C's etc all fluttered onto the tabletop and he quickly gathered them up, arranging them in order on the piece of A4 paper in front of him. Some of the font was brightly coloured and bold, some were italic and still others were capitals, but the grammar and punctuation didn't matter; he wanted this letter to stand out. After all, the recipient of this letter needed to know that what was on here was not just an idle threat.

This was about revenge.

Smiling in satisfaction at the arrangement, ex-lab assistant Charles Sterling leant across the table and picked up a small tube of adhesive. He glued the cut out letters and then picked the letter up to admire his handiwork.


Oh, he knew it was cliche, the whole threatening note made of cut up letters, but creating it had been very therapeutic. What's more, he meant every single word he had included.

Every promise.

Every threat.

Agent DiNozzo would rue the day he had ever laid eyes on Charles Sterling.

Folding up the letter, Charles carefully concealed it in an envelope and then taped the opening down. He slipped the envelope into his pants pocket before checking his watch: it was 10pm. Rising out of his dining chair, Sterling moved into the kitchen and set about putting the kettle on. As he waited for the water to boil, Charles took a glass from his cupboard and made himself a glass of squash before opening the medicine cabinet. From the top shelf he pulled down a small bottle and twisted the lid off, tipping a single orange-coloured pill into the palm of his hand. Grimacing slightly he tossed the pill in his mouth and washing it down with his squash.

Charles's face took on a look of bitter disappointment and anger; this was just one other thing that he blamed that son-of-a-bitch DiNozzo for. If it weren't for his desire to get back at the agent for the misery he had put been through, Charles would have ended it while still behind bars.

But he couldn't do that, not yet.

Not until he was certain that Anthony DiNozzo suffered the was way he had suffered.

The kettle finished boiling and Charles mad himself a mug of hot cocoa and headed through the living room towards his bedroom. He entered the room and placed the mug on his bedside table.

Charles's old apartment had been much bigger than the one he was currently cramped into. It had been a high-rise building with a decent view over the city. Charles would occasionally sit on his ottoman and stare into the night as he had though about his plan to frame Tony all those years ago.

Here, though, his abode was a dark basement apartment on a busy street. Each day and night he was polluted by the sound of traffic and pedestrians above him. In the early hours of the morning he was forced to listen to drunken buffoons staggering their way down the sidewalk, stopping occasionally to relieve himself against the window.

Charles missed his old life - at least, the life he had before a certain agent had ruined it for him.

'But no matter,' he thought as he stripped down to his boxers and climbed into his single bed, 'soon Agent DiNozzo will know how it feels to have his future hanging by a thread.'

Charles relaxed back in his pillows. He could feel a headache coming on, one of the common side effects of his medication. Once the pill had really kicked in there was a good chance that he would be spending some of the night in the bathroom. He had taken a couple of pain killers in preparation, hoping it would give him at least a few hours of peace.

Tomorrow he would go out and post his painstakingly created


2 days later.

The shrieking sound of his alarm woke Tony DiNozzo from his slumber. Blindly reaching out he slapped his palm on the switch, cutting out the noise. Running his hands through his short hair, Tony slowly sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before swinging his legs out of the bed and standing up.

As he moved out of the bedroom and into the bathroom Tony glanced out of the window, noting the light drizzle of rain coming down. At 8.00am the clouds were dulling the normally clear June sky and he could hear the sound of sirens somewhere in the distance, accompanied by the morning birds chirping on the roof top of the building opposite his.

Switching on the shower and adjusting the temperature to just the way he liked it, the agent stripped off and climbed under the descending water, allowing it soak his hair and run down his back.

As much as he would would have liked to stay under the refreshing water, Tony was on a time schedule; Gibbs had ordered his team to be in work at 9am on the dot or face the 'consequences' - whatever they were. This was later than their usual 7am start, but since they hadn't had any major cases for a while Gibbs figured it wouldn't matter if they started a little later. After all, barring any new cases the team would be doing paperwork most of the day.

Twenty minutes later he was washed, dried, dressed, and heading into the kitchen to put the kettle on for mug of hazelnut coffee. As he opened the fridge door to pull out his left over pizza from the night before Tony heard the tell-tale clank of his letter box coming from the hallway. Picking up a slice of his pizza, Tony headed into the hallway to pick up his post.

There were four letters - five if you counted the 50% off all large pizzas leaflet from dominos: one was his phone bill, another was a charitable plea for donations to UNICEF, the third contained a fake check complete with several exclamation marks and a large 'YOU HAVE WON $10,000!!!!' But it was the fourth letter that caught the italian's attention. It was sealed in a bright yellow envelope, the back of which has been sealed with a single strip of adhesive tape. Turning the envelope back over, Tony noted that the address had been written entirely in capital letters; there was no way he could identify the author from sight alone.

"And I'll bet that's just the way you wanted it," Tony muttered to himself as he suspiciously sniffed the envelope for and strange odours. Not smelling anything worrisome, Tony turned the envelope over and ripped it open. He pulled out a carefully folded piece of paper and straightened it out.

The letter was made up entirely of cut up letters from various news papers and magazines. Tony felt his stomach drop as he read the contents:


You probably don't remember me. That will come ad no surprise for someone so arrogant. I remember you though. In the days and nights since our previous encounter I think about you constantly. I think about the way you soiled my past and destroyed my future. At night when I'm lying awake in bed I would imagine that I'm watching the light leave your eyes as I slowly choke the life out of you. I would dream of the faces of your co workers as they grieved your passing. The more I though about it though the more I decided that that wouldn't be enough of an end to compensate for what you did to me. No. I have something much better in mind for you.
It won't help you but I'd keep looking over your shoulder if I were you.

Tony re-read the letter three more times before muttering a resigned, "fantastic."

This was a great way to start the day.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:45 pm 
Autopsy Gremlin

Joined: Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:12 am
Posts: 397
Title: A young, blonde, British weirdo :)
Name: Toni
Aliases: Purple-Muse (on
Gender: Female
Chapter Two

Having worked in law enforcement for over fifteen years, Tony had become used to receiving threats on his life from begrudged criminals he had put away (and scorned women he had slept with.) Oh, he wasn't too proud to admit that the first time it had happened back when he was a beat cop in Peoria he had been nervous as hell, constantly looking over his shoulder every time he walked out the front door. Over time, though, those fears subsided almost into obscurity, replaced by an increase in confidence as well as assurances from his more experienced team mates.

Nowadays, Tony barely batted an eye when he received threats on his life - though that wasn't to say that he completely ignored them, or was too arrogant not to take them seriously when he had to - it had eventually just got to a point where he felt confidant enough to handle any threats that came up.

'Still,' he thought, staring at the letter, 'I guess I better let the boss know.'

The first time Tony had received such a letter after joining NCIS was approximately six months into his employment. A 'gentleman' by the name of Pedro Luiz had just been released from prison for assault after Tony had arrested him while working in Philadelphia. Luiz had managed to get hold of the agent's phone number and had been calling him from various phone boxes, staying on the line long enough to threaten Tony but not long enough to be traced, though it didn't take long to recognise the guy's voice; he hadn't exactly made much effort to describe his voice.

This went on for a couple of weeks until one day one day when Tony had been out of the office, the phone had rang and Gibbs had picked it up.


"I'm coming for you, Agent DiNozzo," the title was spat out with contempt.

"Who is this?" Gibbs demanded.

There was a pause on the end of the line before a voice snarled, "who the hell are you?"

"I think the better question is, 'who the hell are you?

"I'm a friend of DiNozzos."

Although the man couldn't see him, of course, Gibbs felt the corners of his lips curl up into a tiny smirk. "Really? You sound pretty pissed off for someone who claims to be his friend."

"Yeah, well, we had a bit of a falling out."

"Would this 'falling out' involve you committing some sort of criminal act and my partner doing his job and throwing your ass in jail?"

For a few seconds there was only the sound of breathing, before the voice replied, "you listen to me you piece of..."

"No!" Gibbs barked, "you listen to me, sonny: I don't know if you've got a death wish or you're just plain stupid, but you do not ever threaten my agent in - or out of - my presence, do you understand me? Now, I happen to be in a good mood because I've had my morning cup of joe, but if you even think about threatening my agent again and I find out about it, I will personally make sure that you never pick up a phone again, am I clear?"

"You're bluffing," the voice didn't sound nearly as confidant as a few moments before.

"Son, I'm a marine," Gibbs informed the caller, "a sniper to be exact; I don't even have to be in your vicinity to make your life a misery, remember that."

There was a brief pause before the sound of the dial tone came through Gibbs's ear.

End Flashback

As soon as Tony had returned he was dragged - almost literally - into his boss's 'office' and reamed out for, in Gibbs's own words, "keeping things from me." At first the younger agent had been perplexed as to what the senior agent talking about. Then Gibbs had informed Tony about the 'interesting' phone call he had received. At first Tony had been adamant that it wasn't anything to worry about, confidant the caller would eventually get bored. If he didn't, Tony had assured his boss, then he would handle it. Gibbs wasn't buying it though and ordered Tony to give him the name of the 'jerk' who had been threatened his subordinate, and in the face of the Gibbs stare Tony quickly capitulated and gave him Pedro Luiz's name as well
as a brief rundown of their Philadelphian encounter.

In no time at all - thanks to Abby - Gibbs had Pedro's background information and, more importantly, his address. Then, despite his SFA's protests he had taken of to confront the ex-convict in person.

When he had returned Gibbs assured Tony that Pedro Luiz wouldn't bother him again.

It was true; Tony never heard from the man again.

Of course, when he thought about it, no one heard from Pedro again.

Sighing, Tony fished his cell phone out of his pocket and pressed one on his speed dial. It rang a total of three times before being answered.

"Hey Boss...yes I'm aware of what the time, I wouldn't dream of calling in sick unless I was at death's door. Listen, uh, I got this letter through my door and...what?, it's not that kind of, it's not another SWAK either...because I sniffed it...wait, why was that a 'stupid thing to do?'...oh, right, that never occurred to me. Nothing came off on my hands when I touched the envelope...yes, Boss, my head's already tingling with anticipation. Listen, do you want me to read the letter out to you?... Huh? Abby? What about her?...oh right, yeah, fingerprints. Very well Boss, the letter shall accompany me to work. See you soon."

Tony cut the call and before carefully folding the letter back up returning it to its envelope. He went back into the kitchen and placed the letter inside his backpack, before leaning on his breakfast bar and finishing his pizza.

Glancing at his watch, Tony figured he had about thirty minutes before he had to leave for work.


"Well, Tony-boy, apart from yours there aren't any other fingerprints on the letter or the envelope."

"Abby, how is that possible?"

The Forensic Scientist studied the envelope and replied, "my guess is that you are dealing with rather smart guy - or gal, as the case may be - not as smart as yours truly, of course, but a distant third maybe....very distant."

"Really? Who's second?"

Abby placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head to the side. "Why, my Timmy, of course," as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Of course," Tony deadpanned. "Tell me: where do I fit into this list of intelligence?"

The goth smiled softly. "Your smartyness is in a class of its own, Tony, but they lie in other areas than me or McGeek." She kissed him on the cheek. "That's why we love you."

"Abby, 'smartyness' isn't a word."

"Of course it is, Tony; I just said it."

The SFA rolled his eyes good-humoredly before gesturing towards the letter, "I'm guessing the guy wire gloves then?"

"Most likely; we are looking at one cautious dude - or dudette - Tony."

"They can't be that cautious if they sent the letter in the first place Abs," Gibbs's voice came from the doorway. He entered the lab with McGee on his heels.

Gibbs picked up the envelope by the corner with the tips of his fingers. "Any of you recognise the handwriting?"

His two agents and Abby all shook their heads negatively.

"Is there anything at all in the letter that may help use identify the writer?"

Tony carefully picked up the note and handed it to Gibbs, who quickly read it through. "Not really, Boss, though it's. clearly someone with a hang-on for a past misdeed of mine."

"Well, that sure narrows the suspect list down a lot," McGee snarked good naturedly. "You want me to get out Tony's old case files, Boss? We don't have a case and it could take most of the day."

"Very funny McSnarky," Tony answered, but no, I don't think you need to do that; it's just one letter, probably from some cocky kid who doesn't know any better."

"Uh, Tony?" Abby gently took hold of the italian's wrist, "if this guy was smart enough not to leave fingerprints then I think that he's a bit more than just some
'cocky kid.'"

Tony pulled the scientist into a hug. "Relax Abs, you forget I'm a big bad federal agent who can take care of himself. Besides, if anything happens I'm sure big bad Gibbs will have my six.

His boss gave a minute nod of his head and Tony continued, "See? And McGee here can send them a computer virus that will send them scurrying for the hills?"

The younger agent smiled reassuringly at his once girlfriend. "You bet I will, Abby."

"Thanks guys," Abby hugged Tony a little tighter, before releasing him and turning to give Tim a kiss on his cheek. "You two always know just what to say to cheer me up."

Gibbs, meanwhile, was still studying the letter. The senior agent had learnt long ago to trust his gut when it came to matters such as this and right now his gut was telling him that there was more to this situation than they knew.

He just hoped that they figured out what exactly the 'situation' was before something truly drastic happened.

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