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Title: Self-Proclaimed Faithite
Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
1. Someone drugs Tony without his knowledge. The results can be either dramatic (which is somewhat preferable) or funny.

A/N Had some fun with this prompt. Part that I'll apologize for is that I couldn't fit in the shower scene. They were sure fun prompts for sure


Tony twiddled the handheld alarm in his hand. Once again left alone with his thoughts, his mind just wondered into its self as Tony thought about anything and almost everything. The ringing and vibrating of the alarm brought him back to the present. Sighing heavily, he approached the white counter and watched the basket being emptied in front of him.

“Here you are, Mister DiNozzo,” the man behind the counter stated as he placed the medication in the red paper bag. “Here’s the information,” he also stuffed in the information sheet about it.

“Thank you,” Tony responded. He took the bag to the till and paid. At least visiting a small pharmacy on the way to Ohio State meant there was next to zero chance of him running into anybody that knew him. It was something he’d kept from everyone, otherwise risk being on the wrong end of teasing.

The man turned around to see one of his co-workers approached the counter. When she turned her head, the ponytail landed on her opposite shoulder.

“Thanks for taking that,” she was flicking through a medication folder but only actually half reading the contents.

“Well?” The chemist coughed, demanding an explanation for her sudden absence. Usually the woman was punctual, obliging but for the first time she shirked her serving duty.

“I know that man. I’d rather not speak to him or see him at all. Let alone see or talk to me,” the woman responded without elaborating on the reason.

“Now, Doctor Benoit. He’s just another customer.”

“Donavon. I like working with you but do not lecture me on this, Donavon,” Jeanne responded negatively. “I just wonder why he’s at this neck of the woods,” she went back to reading through the folder in front of her. It was a way of studying in between customers. She counted on her brain maintaining some information that was being looked at.

“Apologies, Doctor,” Donavon went into the back area.


OSU Frat House

Tony nodded in greeting as he stepped through the front door of Alpha Chi Delta frat house. Some contents from the duffel bag rolled onto the floor and away from him only coming to a stop when someone’s foot rested on top of it.

Nicholas… One of the Chi Deltas from Tony’s pledge class walked up behind him after some time.

“Nicholas,” Tony greeted with a handshake accompanied by a shoulder bump.

“Guess you got roped into this as well as. The Alpha Chi Delta Alumni,” Nicholas responded. It had been awhile since they had been back to the frat house where they had their house parties.

“Who else?” Tony asked as he picked the bag up again to head upstairs.

“You’re going to love this, Tony,” Nicholas ran his fingers through his short black hair. Even before the name was given, a smile was visible on Tony’s lips. “Black’s here to join us for the latest pledge recruits. I thought you’d like that. It seems every time you get together a switch gets turned on… Separately you two are okay but every time you two get together… You’re insane,” Nicholas laughed, showing that the comment was meant to be in earnest jest.

“I think you’re referring to binary agents… Such as poison or drugs. Harmless by themselves… But together could be a different story,” the man sitting at the couch dropped the heavy book onto the coffee table.

“Blackie,” Tony said with a beaming smile. It was no surprise to see ‘Black’ with his head buried in a large book.

“Love Machine,” they rarely greeted each other without going through the usual Alpha Chi Delta Buckeye handshake fiasco where a quick handshake is turned into a half minute ritual. “Usual room,” Black waited for Tony to pick up the duffel bag.

“Tony,” Nicholas called out. When he turned around, Nicholas tossed him the packet of pills that had dropped onto the floor earlier. Expertly, it was caught in mid-air without effort.


Two Night’s Later

The erratic drive in the van had the desired effects which were to disorientate and frighten the new recruits so much so that they had no idea what was happening. Thoughts of pledging Alpha Chi Delta had given way to submissive survival. Their heads were covered securely but loosely covered with black pillowcases and the noise of rush hour traffic blared from speakers and handheld walkmans. They were primitive yes but effective for sure.

They were led into an abandoned building that was often used by fraternities at certain times as these.

The only heating and light came from the lit torches that illuminated the centre of the room and darkened the edges making it appear as if there were no walls.

“You will kneel,” a voice from the current Frat president came over the loudspeaker sounded synthetic and somewhat distorted almost sounding robotic. “Alpha Chi Delta Buckeye Chapter has given birth to success stories through some of their members which are currently overseeing these proceedings,” they continued.

Tony stifled a laugh by clearing his throat. There was something about the voice distortion that sounded somewhat familiar.

“Shut up,” Black had noticed the clearing of the throat and his own lips were trembling a little, only just managing to keep the voice low enough for only them to hear.

“He sounds familiar… Cyclops, cyber, cyberman or something like that. Cy… Definitely a Cy word… Cy, why, cry,” Tony’s mind felt like it was drifting off.


“Such as Nicholas “Lookout” Brandon successful author of the Etched in Blood fiction series. Alex “mixer” Lea owner of the Lee-H Club chain. Travis “Black” Black. Medical Researcher. Tony “Love Machine” DiNozzo… Federal Agent,” Each took a step forward as their name was called.

“By your something or rather,” Tony re continued his original thought process.

“Shut up,” Black responded quickly without turning his head as the other couple of names were being called out.

“These of course have lived the very motto which we have and shown why the “Work hard – play hard – Live free” motto isn’t just a fraternity motto but a life choice. Therefore choosing to be all-rounded successful. You pledges have worked hard to become part of the Alpha Chi Delta… Now… It’s time to party… Party hard!” As right on cue, cheering started. The new members were uncuffed so they could join in the frat party that would soon make its way back to the frat house.


The Next Day

Tony’s head felt worse than any hangover he had felt before at least according to his fractured memory. Sure the party had been great but he swore to never bong a beer again. An inaudible moan escaped his lips when he tried to speak.

“You want a little of the hair of the dog that bit?”

“Blackie?” Tony opened his eyes. Everyone in the room must have been suffering somewhat because every blind was drawn shut. On the far side, somebody had strung up a black sheet.

“Am surprised you’re in one piece, Tony. Tell me though… What the hell were you going on about through the night? Raving, ranting run on sentences. You slurred through the last shot challenge,” Black stated.

Tony searched through his fractured memory some more. The Last Shot challenge was something he had picked up from the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ where Marion traded shots with someone until one couldn’t continue.

“Hell… I can’t even remember who won,” Tony responded. Perhaps the Fluoxetine was finally working, he was finally beginning to feel on the up and up.

Black laughed. “And Cylons,” he added.

Tony sat upright which was almost a mistake since his stomach lurched. Some dry, bland food would settle it right down. He raised his eyebrows in question. It was almost like an episode of Scrubs where JD would end a fantasy sequence with such a random sentence, confusing the others.

“How Prez’ voice sounded on that sound system. You were saying anything that sounded similar but what you were looking for was Cylon,” Black stated.

Tony laid down again, the food and liquid could wait until later. At the moment he could strangle McGee and Abby for making him watch the original Battlestar Galactica. He had heard the younger agent talk about Starbuck as if he had a thing about him. Sure Dirk Benedict was good looking back then… But…

“I don’t have a problem with it but I think my colleague’s gay,” Tony finally sat up in bed and was let his feet dangle over the edge.

Usually they could carry on a conversation, seamlessly jumping from subject to subject however, this was not the case. Instead, Black just raised an eyebrow, asking for an elaboration.

“He has a thing for Starbuck,” Tony got to his feet and ruffled through his bag. “I’m not due back for a couple of days yet… How about we get down to you know, so we can pick up a couple of Delta Mu girls,” Tony wore a sly smile. It quickly faded when his frat brother waved a hand in front of his face. “What are you doing?” Tony asked.

“You do realize Delta Mu is fictional fraternity, right?” Black asked.

“Come on… You always say that Xi Deltas make excellent party partners,” the smile had returned. Tony had turned his back and didn’t see the confused look that Black was giving him.

“Yeah,” Black said as he walked toward the door.



Even though it felt almost as if there was non-stop partying, Tony felt refreshed almost ready to take on the world with a certain spring in his step. A step that he had no problem showing off. There was a certain bounce.

On the other hand, the elevator ride seemed to take forever. So Tony’s mind couldn’t help but wonder into famous movie scenes that featured the very vessel he was in. There was of course Die Hard, who can forget that?

“What is so funny?” Ziva asked. There was a chuckle that was barely audible but her ears picked it up.

“Huh?” Tony looked around. He had forgotten he was not alone. Lately, being alone was impossible.

“You are thinking of something funny?” Ziva stepped forward. The elevator was almost ready to stop.

Tony forced a couple of coughs to erase the smile that he only realized he had. “Was thinking of last week,” Tony said as the doors opened. As soon as they opened, the two were greeted by people coming from the other way.

“Whoah,” the younger man said as he seemingly tripped over his own feet.

The senior field agent went to step to the side of the drinks that had spilled out of the agent’s hand. He frowned as the red liquid pooled around his shoes.

“Sorry,” the younger man adjusted his jacket before picking up what was left of the drinks.

Tony scratched his head but managed to smile. “Just a little bit more and it would’ve mirrored the bloody scene in The Shining… Almost,” Tony lightheartedly slapped the younger agent on the upper arm. “Try a little more cordial next time, hey,” Tony left the elevator.

“Cordial?” The man queried. Soon he’d have to go to maintenance to retrieve a wet floor sign until all the water could be mopped up. “Sorry again, Agent DiNozzo,” he said with sheepish embarrassment.

Tony hadn’t heard what the man had said since the elevator doors closing had put an abrupt end to the conversation. Although the conversation was going nowhere fast. It was a godsend that the doors ended it before he had to.

“Where are you going? We are almost late,” Ziva watched Tony go through the bullpen without glancing at McGee who only exchanged looks with her after he had left. Perhaps he too wanted an explanation.


McGee had been cross referencing bank account numbers when Tony’s actions at his workstation had distracted him once again. Only Tony’s head was visible as he was bent over from the chair feverishly rubbing his shoes with paper towels he raided from the men’s toilets.

“What you doing?” McGee got in the question first.

Tony looked up but took a long time to say something. “Cleaning my shoes. Don’t want to go around with messy shoes now do I? What would that do to the DiNozzo image?” He went back to what he was doing.

Ziva dropped a folder on his desk but that didn’t even make him flinch.

“You get a little water on your shoes and you go all OCD,” McGee chuckled but was quickly silenced with by a look from Tony.

Finally he was able to wipe the red stain clear or at least enough to his satisfaction. With some caution he watched Gibbs stroll into the bullpen. Clearly, there was a break in the case and the others followed so Tony followed them. His shoes would have to wait.


It had been several hours since Gibbs had sent DiNozzo home. The younger man had almost passed out while in interrogation… The only reason he hadn’t hauled his ass to the doctors or even the ME was the fact that Tony had assured him that his older body hadn’t been able to recover from frat parties like the younger days.

Though his gut had that niggling feeling and when the feeling got too much to ignore he rung his Senior Field Agent’s cell number. As he dialled and waited for an answer on the other end, Gibbs thought of an excuse to be calling. Otherwise his tough exterior may receive a hiding.

Gibbs felt like he waited an eternity for an answer on the other end.

“Ah, hello?” DiNozzo’s voice sounded a little drowsy as if he was just woken up. “Boss?” He asked after a slight pause.

“Just checking to see if you need anything,” Gibbs allowed his softer yet gruff side come out. The kind of tone that demanded a no-BS response.

“You wouldn’t believe this, Boss. I was driving up on the right and then the left side. I think I’m lost,” it was a tone that sounded like it had some humour injected into it and yet worrying. “Ow,” Tony yelped.

There were many questions that ran through Gibbs’ mind. Part of him wanted to strangle his second in command but again his gut feeling was telling him that something was not right, something was quite wrong.

“Where are you?” Gibbs asked.

“I think I was going through an elephant graveyard or something. There was ivory. Now I’m in the middle of some damn jungle,” Tony stated.

“Where?” Gibbs sounded even more confused.

“Cliché I know… If I knew where I was… I wouldn’t be lost,” Tony raised his voice a little. “What the?”

“Stay where you are. Hear me, DiNozzo,” Gibbs didn’t hear a response. McGee walked into the bullpen but stopped taking a seat when Gibbs clicked his fingers to get the younger agent’s attention.

“What is it, Boss?” McGee asked. He had his head buried deep in paperwork to know what had been going on earlier.

“Put a trace on DiNozzo’s phone. I want to know where he is now,” Gibbs ordered.

“If he has it on and…” McGee was quickly interrupted by Gibbs standing fully erect and now eyeballing him with the steely gaze. “Why? I’m on it now, Boss,” McGee went to his workstation.

“Ziva…” He ordered Ziva to stay until stated otherwise.


Tony held the keys in one hand and the phone in the other hand no longer listening to the voice on the other end. He could feel the scratch on his cheek where the branch had hit him. Again, Tony pushed aside the branch. Instead of seeing what he thought was his house, there was just more of the same overgrown jungle.

“Stay here?” Tony repeated to himself. There was no other order. There was no bedding. No tent and no nothing. At least there was a clearing where he could stay. Gibbs had stated he’d come. Slowly, he crawled down to his belly before rolling onto his back looking up into the sky before allowing his eyes to eventually close.

A lot of time passed by. How much, he didn’t know. Had he slept, he couldn’t tell that either. The sound of drums getting louder caused his heart to beat even louder. Definitely the natives of wherever the hell he was were getting closer and sounding more dangerous with each beat.

“W-what?!” Tony managed to call out but soon welcomed the darkness to engulf him. Perhaps hoping to be unconscious for whatever was surely to follow.

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Title: Self-Proclaimed Faithite
Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
It sounded crazy to Gibbs that McGee had said where the trace was leading them to. However, he had learned to never question McGee’s skills in that area. For some reason, he and Ziva had their hands almost resting on their guns as they entered the hallway that led to Tony’s apartment door.

“You think he is alright?” Ziva asked as Gibbs stood at the door.

Gibbs didn’t respond as he knocked on the door. There was no answer so he used the side of his fist to pound the door harder. The only response he got was with the middle aged woman that happened to be the manager. Often Gibbs had seen her wandering around if there’s anything untoward going on.

“Can I help you? Agent Gibbs is it?” The woman asked as Gibbs pounded the door harder.

“Did you see DiNozzo enter?” It was a stupid question. She either did or didn’t. “Do you have a key?”

“I don’t have the key… What are you doing?” She was more alarmed when Gibbs placed his hand tightly around the doorknob and leaned back.

“DiNozzo!” He had thought he heard something.

Gibbs knew that this was going to hurt his shoulder but didn’t care. A couple of heavy shoulder bumps, the latch and chain broke allowing them to gain entry. His eyes darted from piano to the large potted plant.

“Ivory… Jungle,” Gibbs had stopped. Even though things were falling into place, things were making less sense.

“Gibbs!” Ziva called out.

Lying on his bed, still in the same clothes with the shoes still on was Tony who was still as a statue. He would be sleeping peaceful if his colour wasn’t so pale. Ziva reached down and used two fingers to feel for a pulse. It was all over the place yet strong.

“Boss?” Tony’s body jolted as his eyes snapped open.

“Tony?” Ziva said as she held Tony down. There were no outward signs of injury but he was acting all out of whack.

“No. It’s your fairy Godmother. Don’t let it trick you,” Tony forced out a laugh but laid down after being forced to lie down once again. His vision blurred and the last thing he remembered hearing was something about ambulances. Again the darkness engulfed him.


“Doctor,” Gibbs had noticed that Agent McGee was standing at the ED Bridge with his back to the action. Occasionally he would lift a piece of paper up to examine it before putting it aside. He would’ve asked him what he was doing here but when he began talking on the phone, Gibbs turned his attention back to the doctor who was now leading him to a cubicle.

“Sorry it took so long, Agent Gibbs is it?” The doctor apologized for taking so long to see him. “It’s like a full moon out there. We haven’t been able to get much out of him but he’s stable for now. Has he taken anything or under any medication,” the Doctor closed his mouth when Gibbs gave him the death stare.

“Gibbs,” a familiar voice interrupted what was sure to be a loud argument.

“Pitt,” Gibbs was glad to be speaking to a familiar doctor not one that looked like they just walked out of college.

“Doctor West was just going through routine questions. It seems as if he hasn’t learned that patients can differ,” Brad Pitt walked past Doctor West who was again looking through the notes.

“We are still waiting on blood results,” the young doctor said.

“Boss,” Gibbs heard McGee grab his attention. “I thought I heard your voice. Corporal Jayne was on leave in Ohio. Just last night she apparently went for a run and…” he was quickly interrupted by the young man listening to the conversation.

“Well let’s just say I had to find creative ways to stop her from running into a literal grave,” the young man said. “She’s obsessed with anything to do with running,” he recalled the endless discussion about runners, running and Chariots of Damn Fire.

“What’s that got to do with…” Gibbs began. He stopped speaking when McGee handed the unsuspecting young man with a few pieces of paper.

“Bruce here said that she was on…Fluoxetine,” McGee explained.

“Whis is?” Gibbs interrupted with the question.

“Trade name for Prozac. It is a stretch that was until also there was a Petty Officer Lambert who seemed to be suffering from a similar form of hallucination. Apparently he was arrested trying to break into a friend’s apartment. Not unusual, no. Except for the fact he was trying to break in as his friends described ‘a ‘ la Splinter Cell,” McGee saw the blank look Gibbs usually gave him when he didn’t understand what he was going on about. “It’s a set of games where one plays a secret agent that goes around with gadgets and stuff, completing missions which include breaking into government facilities,” McGee explained.

“McGee!” Gibbs interrupted to get the younger man back on track.

“That’s not important. Right. They thought he was playing a prank until he tried to repel himself down a third storey window. It took three of them to hold him and that was when all hell broke loose. Two of them are in hospital but stable. He was being treated for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with…”

“Prozac,” Gibbs finished the sentence. He walked into the ED cubicle where DiNozzo was on the bed. His second in command’s voice had sounded confused on the cell and seemed that he was seeing things somewhat even though it was hard to decipher the details.


Tony looked around the large room. People were walking in and out demanding answers but soon the larger man walked in to question him. Without success, Tony flexed his wrists in an attempt to break the restraints that were tying him down.

He was asked questions and even felt threatened. But he’d been in situations like this before and seen them in countless movies… James Bond came straight to mind. “You expect me to talk?” Tony asked with a slight, cocky grin.

“No… I expect you to die,” Came the response.

It was then he saw the computerized contraption sitting next to his bed slash slab. The contraption undoubtedly hooked to a laser that would slice him in two from the crotch up was making all sorts of sounds and bleeping.

“I’m not going to tell,” Tony told him flatly.


Gibbs was shocked as Doctor Pitt pulled the cubicle curtain closed. The Senior Field Agent was often guarded but this was serious with possible deadly consequences.

“McGee!” Gibbs’ voice carried across the usual busy sounds of the ED but the younger man hadn’t heard so he opted for an ear piercing whistle. One he had often used in the bullpen to get people’s attention fast. It had the desired effect as the young man jogged up to him.

“Boss,” he stood next to him as he managed to just sidestep a doctor walking by who was seemingly preoccupied with someone’s chart.

“Go to Tony’s apartment. Search for any pills, prescriptions and get back to me,” Gibbs ordered.

“Can’t you ask?” McGee didn’t relish in the thought of rummaging through Tony’s apartment like that. He was sure his ass would be kicked. Then again it was a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Gibbs had tried asking Tony if he was taking anything. Either he was stuck in some hallucinogenic fantasy or protecting himself from whatever Gibbs might be thinking. Any which way, no answers were given.

“Turn the place upside down if you have to… Today!” Gibbs shouted when it seemed as if McGee looked like he was about to argue.

“What?” Brad turned to face the younger Doctor West who was waiting to interrupt the conversation.

“We could try a round of charcoal treatment,” West responded. During his short time at Bethesda, he quickly learned not to take things personally.

“That only works when the charcoal soaks up the excess amount of toxins, drugs but if I dare guess… I’d say these cases have nothing to do with excess or overdoses. You’re right though… We could get something done. However we should wait to see if HE finds anything,” Brad nodded to the back of the agent who was double timing it out of there.

“Charcoal,” Gibbs almost mouthed as he was having too easy a time picturing Tony with blackened lips and teeth.


Tony’s Apartment

McGee met Ziva at Tony’s apartment. The door still hadn’t been fixed and fortunately keeping the scene low key and the door mostly closed meant there was no curious onlookers from the other building tenants.

“I’ll start with the bathroom,” McGee entered and went straight for the obvious place. “I’d never have thought that Tony would be on anything,” he broke the through the silence, echoing what they were thinking.

Ziva rifled through the seemingly endless drawers in the lounge area.

“Well considering what it has been like lately. The L.A. fiscal…”

“Fiasco,” McGee immediately corrected.

“Fiasco. Jeanne and months at sea as agent afloat,” Ziva added. She had gone through the usual spots where any scripts or pills might be kept. Now she paused to think of not-so-obvious ones. “He might need something like this, no?” Ziva added. It was awkward to think about it but the last couple of years had not been smooth for anyone.

“Well… You maybe right,” McGee responded. There were so much he had been blind to. “Hey!” McGee found the script. “We’re going,” McGee stated as he walked past. Without questioning why, Ziva turned and followed obediently.


McGee flashed his badge in front of the pharmacist before asking any questions. It wasn’t time for pleasantries. But the usual questions weren’t getting them anywhere as the man behind the counter didn’t remember seeing any of the people McGee had shown the pictures of.

“I’m sorry… But, hey my colleague might know,” he suddenly said as he pointed to a woman with her back turned. “Doctor…” He called out but was interrupted by Ziva tapping McGee on the upper arm to get his attention.

“Jeanne?” McGee couldn’t be more surprised even if he saw all ten Doctors together.

“Jeanne Benoit,” Ziva said but she rounded the corner to another aisle. Without speaking, the two managed to trap her down the foot care aisle.

“Jeanne Benoit,” McGee was the first to speak. Jeanne acted surprised, as if she hadn’t seen them at all. “Hold up,” he told her when she looked like she was about to ignore them.

“Agent McGee… Officer David,” she said, venom still in the voice. Her past dealings with NCIS far from forgotten. “What can I do for you two?” Her voice soon turned professional.

When McGee began asking about whether she served or even knew Tony had gotten the medication at the store, Jeanne shut down still not wanting to deal with it. But she wasn’t given a choice.

“We want to continue this down at NCIS,” McGee stated taking on a more authority sounding tone. “We can drag you out or you can accompany us willingly and just walk out,” he said.

“Has this got anything to do…” Jeanne was about to bring the past back up.

“Has it?” Ziva asked before McGee could chime in.


Bethesda Hospital Grounds

Tony’s eyes eventually adjusted to the harsh light from the sunset. He had called Nicholas some time ago and waited for his frat brother to come by. As time went on, as he was left alone with his thoughts the more his mind was creating a plausible scenario that explained things perfectly. Doctors had mentioned that people had been drugged and they were all on one medication.

“Damn,” Tony mouthed. It had been easy to leave the hospital once locating his clothes. These so called hallucinations he was experiencing had begun with his visit to Chi Delta Frat house. And the suspects were only two. One of them was his so called friend Nicholas freaking Lookout Brandon.

After all… He would’ve had time to swap the pills after he had dropped them.

There were some people walking by. His mind was more on what he was going to do about the situation that he almost didn’t see Nicholas approach.

“Tony,” Nicholas tapped him on the shoulder.

“Follow me,” Tony hardly faced him. Nicholas silently obeyed. “You know why I’m here. Told you that. They say that it must have been medication tampering,” he lead him to a quieter lawn area just to the side of the hospital.

“Really?” Nicholas raised an eyebrow as they stopped. “Should you be about?” He looked Tony up and down.

“Really… You think it was some practical joke? Did you and Alex concoct this elaborate prank to get me back?”

When Tony took a step forward, Nicholas let loose with a right hook almost knocking him to the ground. Any thought of continuing the offensive was short-lived because Tony winded him with a harsh hit to the gut.

“Christ,” Nicholas said as he caught his breath.

“I knew it,” Tony rubbed his cheek it still stung. “You threw the first punch. You knew I’d find out so what? You think you’d knock me out? Then what?” Tony was ready for anything now. Too bad he didn’t have his glock or his damn handcuffs.

“You were going to hit me,” Nicholas still stood a defensive stance.

“And you still say you’re not psychic,” Tony scoffed once and used both hands to shove him back. It was an action to put some distance between them. “I know you’ve been planning this,” Tony said.

“It doesn’t take a psychic to see what you were going to do,” Nicholas shoved him back. Neither of them wanted to back down. “Body language.” He added.

Tony had learned a lot about body language from observing interrogation after interrogation. “You really had no idea?” He asked.

Nicholas put up his fist. But when Tony slapped it down, clearly showing them both that the fight was over. Tony shrugged.

“No need,” Nicholas said. Apologies were not needed in this situation. Forgiveness was not in words but in a frat brother tackle hug.

“You two..” A third voice came out of nowhere. “Everthing okay.”

They both turned around to face the security guard who was clearly notified about the fight and came to break them up. The guard waited for a response with his hand on his radio ready to call for backup if needed.

“We’re Frat Brothers,” Tony said trying not to laugh. “We’re good,” he added as he patted Nicholas on the shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Damn Fraternities. Damn edgy civilians. Hang on. Stay there.” The guard listened to the voice on the radio and occasionally nodded while looking at the two men. “Anthony DiNozzo?” He asked.

“Yes,” Tony responded.

“Come with me.”

“Hang on. I should have a word with Black,” Tony said. With each passing moment the guard became more impatient.

“You know he’d have the know how probably. But come on, man. No way. You know there’s probably a logical explanation to all this,” Nicholas responded with a little wave as the guard began to look like he was about to forcibly escort Tony. Tony waved back in response.

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Title: Self-Proclaimed Faithite
Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
McGee and Ziva faced opposite of Jeanne Benoit in interrogation. They knew that the strong woman would be difficult to crack. But so far they had only one connection. Someone with a grudge and someone who worked at a pharmacy.

“I told you. I don’t know them and yes like you know, I have a history with Tony DiNozzo,” Jeanne was clearly annoyed at being asked basically the same questions over and over again.

Tony checked his mobile phone. Mainly to check if Gibbs was on his way and secondly to check of an updated status of Tony. So far there was neither. As they say, no news is good news.

“Do not forget. He broke your heart,” Ziva pressed further. “After you accused him of murder.”

“It’s childish. In an obvious tit-for-tat thing you have going. It’s your turn. I understand your animosity towards Tony I really do. I don’t understand the others… It’s so meticulous… So calculated. Why the others,” McGee showed her the pictures of the other victims.

“I really don’t know them,” Jeanne responded as she slid the pictures back across the table.

“Two of them had brought the scripts from your store,” McGee reminded her of the evidence they had.

“All I know is I didn’t serve Tony,” Jeanne said. “As soon as I saw him enter the store, I made myself scarce. My colleague Mister Donavon served him. I didn’t want to face him because just the thought of him makes my blood boil,” Jeanne explained.

“Ziva… I think you should contact him and get him in. We need to corroborate her story and question him to,” McGee’s lip turned upwards into a slight smirk. “I’ll escort her to the holding cell until then,” he said while attempting to hide his amusement at the way things were going.

“You can’t,” Jeanne challenged, leaning forward.

“I can,” McGee responded quickly. He motioned for Ziva to leave via his orders. She nodded before turning to face the door. Before she opened the door it flung open quickly as someone walked in.

“Excuse me,” the man interrupting said.

“What’s going on?” McGee could see firsthand why Gibbs hated having the interrogations interrupted. It really broke the mood. Try as he might he could never have the Gibbs stare quite right.

“Sorry. Should’ve knocked,” The man apologized. A clanging sound stopped everything as he put a telephone on the table between McGee and Jeanne.

“What is it?” McGee asked again.

“Take the call,” the man stood back. Ziva waited as well.


Bethesda Hospital ED

Gibbs watched his Senior Field Agent sleep peacefully. It wouldn’t have helped the situation to demand to know how some patient could make their way out of the ED with such ease but it sure would’ve made him feel a hell of a lot better.

“He’ll be drowsy for a while. If he sleeps it’d be a lot better,” as a safety precaution, Pitt had given him a light sedative that made him drowsy and eventually sleep the effects off. “The company’s going to release a statement and issue a product recall.”

“And?” Gibbs wondered. There definitely were a few choice words he wanted to have with the younger man.

“We’ve got him under half hourly obs and when things are back to normal, we’ll give him a different script. There shouldn’t be any lasting side effects, Agent Gibbs. Easily could’ve been a hell of a lot worse,” he explained. Which it could have of course. There were a couple of deaths of people who had taken the drug over an amount of time.

“Heads should roll?” Gibbs wasn’t sure who to blame.

“The batches involved were tainted with what’s known as a binary agent. They haven’t released those details but have closed that part down until it has been decontaminated so appropriate measures will be put into place so as they say… It won’t happen again,” Pitt checked Tony’s chart.

“Until it happens again,” Gibbs definitely felt cynical about mistakes. They were always repeated.

“Yeah. Look I’m going to leave for a little but will keep an eye on him,” Doctor Pitt closed the curtain to give them privacy once he left.

“S-sorry, Boss. Was I drugged?” Tony’s hazy mind was trying to piece together things once again.

“No… Tainted drugs,” Gibbs stood beside his bed.

“Oh?” Tony thought for a moment. Then Gibbs knew. Tony swallowed as it was apparent that Gibbs knew his secret now. The weakness was common knowledge. All that was left was to wait for the berating and teasing.

“You were sold a bad batch and so were others,” Gibbs explained quietly.

“S-sorry, Boss,” Tony apologized once again.

“Why?” Gibbs asked.

“Wasn’t handling things. E-everything snow-snowballed. On top of me. S-suddenly alone on the ship,” Tony explained as his words slurred a little.

“Why?” Gibbs repeated.

“What?” Tony asked. Hadn’t he answered the question already?”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Gibbs asked but not really expecting it to be ever answered.

“Yo-you were mad. Upset, boss,” Tony answered. “M-miles away. Radio chatter checked. Don’t wa-want the world knowing I’m weak,” Tony closed his eyes, shutting out his boss and the outside world.

Gibbs slapped him on the top of the head hard.

“Déjà vu,” Tony smiled a tired smile.

“It’s not weak, DiNozzo. If you’re having trouble… as your boss, I need to know,” Gibbs decided to keep it sounding professional. It was a way of being personal without being on that personal level.

“Go-Gotcha, Boss,” Tony chuckled again. “Whoah. Déjà vu again,” his eyes closed once again as he fought to stay awake. He was sure the others would give him hell as soon possible. After all he’d probably do the same.

“Sleep, DiNozzo,” Gibbs ordered although he looked as if he was already doing so. He pulled up a chair beside the bed and made himself as comfy as possible in a semi-hard chair. Since the current case of crazed personnel was as closed as it could be, the others would be pulling information together for the paperwork. They were trained for that.

For now, Gibbs could be where he was supposed to be… Where he should’ve been… Standing beside his Second in Command.


Hope it was too liking and am not sure if some of the movie references are gotten. Like the House movies, Revenge of the Nerds but they seemed to fit in fine. Hope it's been a fun read at least. I know the humour is more dark than light. Comments can go here

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Oh, this was really good. Knowing what the prompt was, I was originally suspicious of Jeanne. Then of Nicholas. I'm glad you addressed each of those as we went, keeping the true culprit ambiguous until the end. Nicely done. :yes:

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:14 pm 
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Nicely done! I didn't even think of tainted medicine when I wrote the prompt, but it's certainly a valid and interesting idea! I enjoyed the red herrings. Thanks for writing for me. (Sorry I didn't review before now. I was so behind on writing my own story. I wanted to get it finished first.)

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Taylor it was brilliant. The film references the ten doctors enjoyed it immensely. Bravo

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sig by McMhuirich thank you

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Thanks for the kind reviews. I was deliberately making them two look like the culprit even to making sure Nicholas took the first swing.

Am glad you liked it Vanessa. LOL was really nervous about this one and understand how projects can get in the way.

Ty Pat. Loved the integrating Tony into movie scenes especially the elevator ones. So many choices for that scene but stuck with the Shining.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:55 pm 
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This is really well constructed and kept me involved and intrigued throughout. I enjoyed the movie references and the mention of Battlestar Gallactica was terrific. It was interesting to see Jeanne too; good to see Tony on the road to recovery with Gibbs on hand to help. :yes:

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Banner by the brilliant McSidekick146. Thank you Jennifer!

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