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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:45 am 
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The story archives allow a limited number of HTML tags. This section covers the possible tags and explains what they do and how to use them. Note the CASE/case of the tags does not matter.

For details on HTML tags, try W3schools
To look at the Porboard UCCB equivalents, see the Proboards UBBC tutorial

Allowed HTML tags are: <b> <i> <u> <center> <hr> <p> <br /> <br> <blockquote> <ol> <ul> <li> <img> <strong> <a> <em>

I'm going to cover these in order

<b> Bold

format: result
<b>bold</b>: bold


format: result

<U> Underline

format: result

<center> Center

format for centering text: centered text
<center>center text</center>:
center text

<hr> horizontal rule

format is just <hr> with no closing brackets, result is

<p> Pargraph break
Mostly you can just put in the paragraph break yourself (just with carriage returnn) but wqhen you go to edit story text, you might find it has inseted one of these.

This is some text.<p>this is a new pargraph.

This is some text.[p]this is a new pargraph.

<br /> Small line break

This adds a shift-return - small linebreak

text on one line <br />text on the next

text on one line
text on the next

<br>: Line break
Insets a full line break - looks the same here but it's not always:

format: text on one line <br>text on the other

text on one line
text on the other

<blockquote> quotes in a box

<blockquote>quote in block</blockquote>

[blockquote]quote in block[/blockquote]

<ol> Ordered list (also <li>, list item)


<OL TYPE="1">
<LI>Item 1</LI>
<LI>Item 2</LI>
<LI>Item 3</LI>

gives you
1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3

note you can change the type of list numbering so for eg to get roman numberals:

<OL TYPE="i">
<LI>Item 1</LI>
<LI>Item 2</LI>
<LI>Item 3</LI>

gives you
i. Item 1
ii. Item 2
iii. Item 3

Types may not be supported anymore. Possible types are: A, a, I, i, 1, disc, square, circle

<ul> Unordered list (also <li>, list item)

Like the ordered list but uses bullets:


  • McGee
  • Tony
  • Gibbs

<li> List item
Used in the two list examples above to lable list items


<img> Image

The image tag has no end bracket.


<img src="pic_link" alt="text" />

src is the image name (eg *.jpg) and alt is text describing the image.

There are other options involving alignment, you can check them out here

The most common one is just centering which you can achive with

<center><img src="src_name" alt="text" /></center>

<strong> Strong text

This text format can be machine dependant and is oftem equivalent to bold or <em>.

format: result
<strong>strong text</strong>: strong text

<a> Anchor

This is used to link to a URL. There are two basic forms:

<a href = "URL_link">text</a> and
<a href = "URL_link" target="_blank">text</a>

The first goes to the new link but stays in the same browser window and the second opens a new browser window (equivalent to the [ url] [/url] in proboards).

In proboards UCCB code:
<a href = "URL_link">text</a> = [ link="URL_link"]text[/link]
<a href = "URL_link" target="_blank">text</a> = [ url="URL_link"]text[/url]

for example
<a href = "">URL help</a>

[link=]URL help[/link]


<a href = "" target="_blank">URL help</a>

URL help

<em> Emphatic

like strong, this emphasizes text and can be machine dependent. It may end up being italicized or bold..

<em>emphatic text</em> : [it]emphatic text[/it]

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